Saturday, August 11, 2012

SHHHH... Don't Tell....

It's Aaron's birthday today.

He is officially EIGHT years old.  Oh My!

It's a secret though.  Shh... Don't Tell.. He doesn't know it is his birthday.  He thinks its zumorow when the balloons and cake and presents and cousins arrive.  Don't tell him.  He'd never forgive me!!

He's a funny little guy... He wondered this week where the Christmas tree is because don't you need a Christmas tree for a Birthday Party??  Oh Sweet Aaron!! 

No Christmas tree but definitely some presents and some balloons.  Definitely a cake although we haven't quite figured out what kind yet.  Definitely a special day for a special little guy.

My little Aaron is eight today.

I need to go find some tissues... He is growing up way too fast!!


Here's the deal...

Yesterday I asked for the ridiculous.... I asked for 50 people to donate to THREE families and then let me know.  I don't know how many people truly participated but 18 people shared with me that they did it!!

They didn't do it to get prizes or gifts.  They did it to help some families in need.  Some of those people couldn't just pick three so they picked four and five and more!


I'm not giving up on my ridiculous request though.... I'M STILL PRAYING FOR FIFTY FAMILIES.

I have a small incentive.... TWO NECKLACES!

Cross Jeremiah 29:11 Fund. I Will Come to You Fund.

Stacy from Jubilee's Jewels has offered these two necklaces for me to give to two of the FIFTY who donate to the families!!  Look at the Bible verses on these necklaces.... I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU AS ORPHANS, I WILL COME TO YOU..... FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU DECLARES THE LORD!!  Precious words from a Precious Savior.   THANK YOU STACY!!


SO COME ON... I still need THIRTY TWO FAMILIES who will agree to donate to THREE families who are adopting.  They can be the families I shared about yesterday HERE... or they can be the families I am sharing about today.  OR.. they can be other families who need help.  I DON'T CARE!!

If 50 people stood in the gap and helped THREE families... then that would equal 150 donations made!


I agree this is a ROTTEN time of the year for fundraising. 

 Just ask the families who are adopting!!!!   They will tell you that it truly is a ROTTEN time of the year for fundraising!!  Beyond hard.  Nobody gives in August.  It is school shopping time... NOT orphan giving time.  Yet so many of the families are leaving in weeks and they NEED HELP!!

Will you please consider joining in??? Will you be one of the thirty two families?

 Here are some families you can help....

One of our Mulligan Babes will soon be meeting her family for the first time!!  Her family is traveling soon for their first trip and THEY ARE SHORT OF FUNDS.  Last I heard they needed quite a lot of money but are humble people.  Please won't you throw some money in their pot.  I love this family - their gentle quiet spirits!  Makayla desperately needs out of that crib!!!

When Rob and I were across the ocean... this was one of the first families we met.  They singlehandedly kept us from losing our sanity by braving the streets of that country and purchasing us a FAN.  Our apartment was on the zillionenth floor and was NOT blessed with A/C and it was a million degrees outside when we were there and more than that inside our apartment.  Giving us that fan sealed our friendship for life.
AND THEY ARE ADOPTING MAXIM!! Woo Hoo!!  Isn't he precious??
Stephanie told me the other day she doesn't know how to say that she needs to raise about 12,000 or so dollars for their adoption.  WELL I AM SAYING IT FOR HER!!  Would you help??  This is their third little guy from that country.

I don't have a picture for this family but they adopted Alina around the same time we brought Aaron home.  They are going back to bring home another little girl - Rosemary!!  They are doing an auction and you can see it HERE.  Please consider going over and bidding on some things!!  Most of what is on there are handmade items by Becky!!  She donated to our Mulligan Stew so PLEASE won't you go help them out???

This family started a GIVEAWAY yesterday and it is a NICE one... Go check it out... It is HERE.  Personally - since we had to forgo a vacation this year due to circumstances way beyond our control... I'm hoping to win that timeshare prize but don't tell anyone....!!! 

Sweet Pasha - Your Mama and Papa are SO CLOSE to bringing you home!!!

My Little Lost Boy's family is definitely in need of help!!
Please won't you consider dropping something in their bucket.  They really stepped out in faith to go get him and definitely need help raising the funds.  Don't forget my sweet Porter.  He needs out of that mental institute!!!

The day he is in their arms.... There will be no words from me!

Oh Jack.
Your Mama and Papa are moving mountains to get you!!

Sweet Jack.  Looking for a home... A nice Giveaway is HERE if you want to donate and win something!!  I LOVE THIS BOY!!

Gavin looks like a healthy little guy in this picture but the reality is... he's a pretty sick little boy.  The Thomas family is doing everything in their power to move the mountain to go get him.  Gavin needs medical help.  Will you help get this family fully funded so they can concentrate on getting Gavin home??

Can I tell you what I LOVE about this family??? They are not only getting two very very needy babies from the worst orphanage in Eastern Europe but their blog is all about advocating for other desperately needy babies!!  It is one big yell fest and I love that!  AND THESE PEOPLE ARE ADOPTION EXPERTS.  They have adopted from all over and LOVE THEIR BABES!  So please go say thank you by dropping a few dollars in their bucket!!  Help them bring Gabby and Marsha out of the darkness and into the light!

The Robersons adopted two babes a few years ago from a country in Africa.  They found out recently that their adopted daughter has an older sister who desperately needs a family.  She is fifteen and is aging out and the Robersons are her only hope.  They are stepping out in faith to bring the sister home.  They didn't have the luxury of waiting for the funds to come so would you please consider helping them??  You can click HERE or HERE (this is the Project Hopeful link - look for the Roberson family under H found her Family) to donate.


Here's my list so far...

  1. Rob and Julia
  2. Julie 
  3. Kat
  4. Michelle
  5. Joy
  6. Holly 
  7. Tanya
  8. Theresa 
  9. Rosemary 
  10. Amy
  11. Jennifer
  12. Tiny Feet
  13. Susan
  14. Hansina
  15. Lisa
  16. Joy 
  17. Kelly 
  18. Kathy


  1. Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Your birthday bud (Sarah) is on her way to Great America to celebrate her 14th birthday. Have a wonderful party tomorrow! :-)

    Choosing 3 families that have adopted previously from Elijah's former orphanage. I'm sending checks though as I have checks to send in for Sarah's awesome fundraising efforts for Lilly. Thanks so much for doing this, Julia! I pray the Lord will multiply your efforts.

  2. Donating now, in honor of my Ukrainian princess -- Lilya will be 8 tomorrow :)

  3. Happy Birthday Aaron! I donated to at least 3 families :).

  4. Donated to the Wangerin, Lewis, and Little families!

  5. I donated to the Nance, Erikson, and Lewis families!

  6. Happy birthday Aaron!!!

    I just donated to 3 families. Thank you for doing this, Julia!

  7. Donated to the Boroughs & Sharp families from your list, and the Heaston & Joss families (from the list recently posted on the Blessing of Verity)

  8. I'm giving to the Rowe Family, the Barlow Family and the Dewberry Family!

  9. Happy Birthday, Aaron. We hope you have a wonderful day and party.
    With love from the Lococos

  10. Dear Julia, I was immediately LED to a family yesterday. I donated $25 to Emma Claire's family and 10 minutes later felt the Holy Spirit calling me to five them another $25! I'm sorry that I didn't remember to come back and tell you. But, it was totally about WHAT you wrote on your blog! Money is tight, but when He speaks, I listen! I always feel so Happy to know that I am a part in helping to bring a child Home. Love You! ~ Jo

  11. Happy birthday Aaron! There are so many families in need and I couldn't decide how to pick, so I decided to pick my home state. There are 9 others listed as living in GA on RR, so I donated $5 toward the funds for the following families Andrew for the Spiveys; Gabby and Marsha for the Rosencrants; Max and Chase for the Garcias; Declan for the Wagners; Liby for the Knofczynskies; Lizzy for the Meyers; V for the Moyers; Erin and Bethany for the Friedles; and Chandler and Robert for the Marbles.

  12. Hi there friend! We donated to the Nance fam (yay for Maxim!) and of course I had to go for the Littles and the Eriksens. I just love those people so very, very much. Pasha and Porter are two blessed little boys!

  13. Just wanted to let you know I gave some to maxim's sweet family! Thank you for doing this!

  14. Happy Birthday to your little man. Donated to 3 families.

  15. Hi Julia,

    I was led to buy a necklace from Jubilee's Jewels to support the Boroughs' adoption. I love the Bible verse on that necklace and I just knew I had to buy it to help support this family with their adoption. Will the money donated from the purchase of the necklace be counted toward their matching grant? I hope to be able to donate to two other families as well. Thank-you for doing this Julia.

  16. Greetings Julia. I have been a reader for quite some time now and I wanted to say thank you for speaking out for children in need and for helping families bring these precious angels home. My husband and I are starting the international adoption process for the first time and are working to make a sweet Reece's Rainbow little guy our son. (We'd love to bring more than one child into the family if we could find a way to make it work via fundraising success.) We can't publicly say which little boy right now because things haven't been made "official" yet but we hope for that to be done soon. I have no idea how the funds will come together, but with Him all things are possible. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we have donated to a few more than the number you requested. We want to team up to bring these babies (big kids included there) home! Hey, maybe if we win we can use the awesome necklace in a fundraiser for our adoption (not that that has anything to do with why we are stepping alongside these families of course). How awesome would it be for these beautiful pieces to make their way through lots of adoptive families hands and work to bring lots of kiddos home? (-: They could become like rotating prizes and bless so many people. Of course, what the winners do with their prize is their business. The previous thought just came to me though. (-;

    Happy Birthday to sweet Aaron. I like the idea of a birthday tree! (-;

    Have a blessed night and enjoy the birthday celebrations.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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