Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shriner's Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Aaron and I are dragging out of bed at 2:45 AM and heading for Philly to see his favorite Shriners doctors.

Aaron is the eternal optimist because he doesn't see the 5 hours up there and 7+ hours home as anything but an adventure.  He LOVES riding in HIS big van (Shriners van) and LOVES the men who will drive us tomorrow (Mr Ronnie and Mr Nolan).  He LOVES his doctors and LOVES riding in the elevators and LOVES eating in the cafeteria and LOVES watching TV in the waiting room.  It takes a lot to get him down.

Me... I'll just be glad when we pull into the driveway tomorrow night...

Wouldn't mind a few prayers for safe travels!!


  1. Praying for travel mercies, peace for mom, and a load of FUN for Aaron!

  2. I really hope the day goes well and fast for you both. SO glad he is able to enjoy his day vs. dread it.

    I'd love to "talk" with you about Shriners. I have only done a small amount of research and I'd love to know more abou them.

  3. Praying for Quick arrival and return with some fun mixed in the middle.

  4. Hope we'll see you! Makes me thankful for our 4-hr drive too.

  5. I need get get motivated to make Madeline's appointments. I'm with you Julia except it's always , " Can't wait till the wheels touch down at home."
    Praying all goes well for you both hope you don't bump into anyone this time... on the road that is :)

  6. good luck, brave boy

  7. Mom and Aaron's big adventure! Just remember when you are in the van you could be riding it in Ukraine with pot holes, three times as many people, a smoker and much faster! Hugs and Prayers for you all! Praying for a good report from the docs too!


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