Friday, August 17, 2012


Selah's heart rate continues to be high and her blood pressure won't stay in the normal range, it goes a bit too high at times. Please pray that this will stabilize quickly! Pray that she will begin to respond on a consistent basis to the neurological tests. We are crying out to God from the depth of our beings for our precious little girl. She has been such a blessing and joy to our lives these past few months, she fit into our family like she had always been with us. We didn't have one major issue with her adjustment and we love our little LaLa. Please ask God to be merciful to our family and to heal our child. Although she has only been with us a few months, she is our child and I can't imagine life without her! 

Conner is doing great and you can read more about how he is doing HERE!!! He is still in the hospital so keep on praying!!  THANK YOU FOR STORMING HEAVEN FOR THIS PRECIOUS RR TREASURE!!

Please keep praying!!
MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw posts from some friends asking about Nikita- was about to call his mom Sasha and our doorbell rang- it was her husband, Victor, delivering some stuff for the handyman tonight. I asked how Nikita was doing and he told me some info then called Sasha and handed me the phone. THEY ARE ECSTATIC- the doctor just called not 10 minutes ago and said NIKITA WOKE UP and opened his eyes and said "Call me a taxi I'm ready to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!" They are headed to the hospital now to see their precious boy!!!!!!!!!!

6 days ago the doctors said he likely would not live. If he did, he would have major issues. Now, in less than a week, he is awake and asking for home!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Keep praying friends- it's not over yet. Pray that the doctors and nurses and everyone involved recognizes that this is a MIRACLE from the LORD- that HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE AND HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Prayer matters.  

Keep praying church.  


  1. Thanks for all the knee mails Julia. Praise God for His mercy upon these sweet children. We'll keep praying .

  2. Julia, thank you so much for these updates - all three children have been and remain in my prayers. I can't post on Yvonne's blog (no anonymous option), but I hope she will eventually read here and know that others are praying for Selah and her family. Selah also is on my church's prayer list and her name will be included in this Sunday's church bulletin.

    Miracles happen. Nikita just experienced one...I am praying for the best possible outcome for Selah, whatever form that may take...and comfort and peace of mind for her family.

    Thanks again-
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


  4. any news on selah and nikita? been praying hard for both of them. and connor too. thanks!


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