Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Take a Trip

Do you want to look inside the world of the mental institutes in Eastern Europe?

Do you want a glimpse inside the walls?

Do you want to meet some of those who are locked away inside?

She had the privilege of traveling across the ocean a year ago in search of one little Lost Boy... 

She found him....

Not only did she find him but she discovered a world of other Lost Boys and Girls just waiting to be found.



Precious treasures just waiting for parents to take them home.

Please take the time to read Jane's blog. Take the time to get your heart broken over and over again.  

Go meet the men who are just grown up Lost Boys.  Go see inside their buildings.  Go read how a simple bag of toddler toys brought them pleasure.


Go read.

And let your heart be broken.

And then DO something to help.  Jane is desperately trying to raise money for those who are Lost over there.   She is yelling for all she is worth to help those who can't help themselves.  She is growing hoarse from yelling and sadly - few are responding!!  Please come alongside her.  Please don't just read and look and weep and then walk away.  So many people ask me what they can do to help.  THIS IS HOW YOU CAN HELP!!  She is trying to help raise money for a group home so that some of the boys can get OUT of the mental institute and into a family-like situation.  The vast majority of the children and men at the institute ARE NEVER GOING TO LEAVE.  NEVER.  They will die there.  But there are people who care and who are doing everything they can to give them a better quality of life.  WE CAN HELP THEM DO THIS!

Jane has a chip-in called Running for Kalvino*ka - She is running to raise money for the group home.  Please won't you help her??  


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  1. What adorable young people - destined to an unimaginable life if no one intervenes.


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