Friday, December 21, 2012


I want to walk away.  I want to let it all go.  I want to shut down Facebook and change my e-mail address.  I want to tell all of those families who have crossed the ocean to adopt their treasures to stop sending me pictures and stories of the children they left behind.  

I don't want my heart broken anymore.

I don't want to hear any more stories of little boys who are going to be transferred.

I don't want to  know about little boys like Darren.


One more orphan among so many.

One more little boy who has reached that non-magical age in the baby house world where car rides mean transfer to places of grief and sorrow.

One more orphan in mismatched clothes.

Just another orphan.

Just one more little guy with a heart of compassion.  Yes, that is Darren.  Comforting a friend.  Patting him on the back.

I don't want to know about a sweet, compassionate little boy who will be locked away forever unless a family goes to get him.

My heart hurts.

It just does.

There are so many like Darren who need families.

When will it end?  When will it end?

The tears won't stop.

Click HERE to get to the Angel Tree.

Please go look at all the babes.  They all have ONE THING in common.  

Trinity 23  Erika Cyril K.

Every single one of them is without a family.  Every single one of them is going to miss Christmas this year.  Every single one of them is alone and lonely.  Every single one of them.

Kristie (2001) Kyle 14G Donovan

The tears just won't stop.

Angelia Nastya (11) Weston 9HA

These are but a few of the babes who are causing me such pain.  All of them are under 500.

Alexander (2H)  Tessa (Asia) Aurora 15H

Oh Dear Lord.  

I seriously want to walk away.


  1. I hear you Julia. Christ will never forsake these little ones in His kingdom. It hurts to see so many abandoned. Only God can carry such a HUGE burden.
    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. Thank you for including Weston. He so often over looked.

  3. Thank you, sweet Julia, for taking the time to pray and to share about these little souls! The burden for these kids seems to be never-ending. I'm glad that we can cast these cares on Him!
    Thank you so, so much!

  4. Praying for that wonderful heart of yours and the children.

  5. Take heart Julia, the message IS spreading, simply watch the MFFM page. Every rescued child opens the world of these children to more and more people. Your blog reaches many and GOD hears the cry of these children. Sending you a big hug. Please dont turn away!

  6. OH Julia, I can feel your deep heartache and pain in this post. I am praying for you now...that God gives you strength and His peace and reminds you that He sees, He knows, He loves them, and He has not forgotten them.


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