Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Bottom of the Tree

97 babes are under 500 on the Angel Tree.  75 babes of them are under 400.  

I count them every day.  Actually I count them about 10-15 times a day.

I don't have any prizes to give.  I don't have any ideas on how to move them up.  

I am out of ideas.

But that 500 wall sits there and stares at me.  

How are we ever going to get all the babes over the 1,000 wall if we can't scale the 500 wall???

See these babes... These are the babes who are on the very bottom of the tree.

They all have less than 325.00 in their account.

Monica 8W Tobie 5G Trinity 23 Alexa 23HA Tessa (Asia) Daniel 2H Vincent 8W Tobin Nastya (11) Arielle 14G Camille 36F Dennis Lincoln Erika Jay Lynn Levi 26HA Abraham 15H Cyril K. Wilson (2007) Aurora 15H Serenity 15H Stacy

Sadly these are the babes who have trailed at the bottom of the tree the entire time.  They just keep trading places with each other.


I figure that is how it is in their babyhouses and institutes too.

They are at the very bottom.

Could someone help me move these babes up today?  


Get these babes off the bottom of the tree!

P.S. - Don't forget to get your Angel Tree Dollars!!  I got mine yesterday.  They are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning.  After finding them in our stockings we take the time to pick our babes on the Angel Tree.  They also make great presents to give to teachers, neighbors and anyone else!!  They are easy to do and help raise awareness for all the children on the tree.   


  1. Little Nastya is always forgotten. I adopted from her region(if she hasn't moved ) and it was a very nice place to adopt from. Alicia has already been transferred somewhere else, not institution but a special needs orphanage. She got a reprieve. Why aren't people lining up to adopt these babies? Why can't they put five dollars toward a child's grant instead of buying a Starbucks today? I just can't understand.we shout we yell we cry and yet people look away and pretend they don't see. How can they sleep at night? I lie awake worrying for them, thinking of them and I DO donate. So how do people just go to bed and do nothing and have no concern about it? I thank you for keeping in yelling screaming begging people to help.

  2. I bumped aurora a little bit last night in honor of my friends Birthday.

  3. Thank you for posting the P.S. about the Angel Tree Dollars.
    Even though I have donated to the Angel Tree, I somehow over looked the AT Dollars!
    You are making a difference in the lives of these kids, Julia!


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