Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And Then There Were None

No child left behind.
And it DID take a village!!
The last five over were Riley, Tyler, Holly, Erika and Weston.
Riley 8W Tyler (2011)   Holly 25HA ErikaWeston 9HA
Thank you to every single person who dropped ANYTHING in their buckets. 
We had a HUGE mountain to climb this year.
I honestly did NOT think we would ever see them all make the goal.
But nickels and dimes added up and 215 children were given HOPE because of it.
I know the Rus*ian situation is still ugly.  I know that some of these kids are seriously out of hope right now unless the rulers of the world decide to show mercy.  But we made a HUGE statement of faith that we are not going to abandon them in their hour of deepest need.  The Rus*ian babes have not been forgotten. 
Please keep praying for the Rus*ian situation.
Please storm heaven that the amendment to the ban asking for the door to be opened so Americans can adopt the special needs children is passed.  Please pray that hearts will soften.  Please keep praying for the families.  Pray that the gates that have been raised to prevent them from passing will be torn down.  Pray especially for the 46 families who are so close to the finish line.  Pray hope and peace into their hearts. 
Our greatest weapon against the rulers of this world who oppress the weak and helpless is prayer.
Let's use it church. 
Get some mountains moved.


  1. So many times we think, "What can I do!!" and it's only when we are helpless that we finally pray. It should be our FIRST instinct, not our last, desperate attempt. Thank you for urging prayer!

  2. praying that the situation in R will change. praying for the families that are so close to gathering their children home. praying for the children as they wait. praying that the children with special needs will be able to be brought into their loving families. thankful that all made it over the wall.

  3. When I checked the Angle Tree and everyone was over I came right here because I knew you would be celebratin'. :)


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