Saturday, March 9, 2013


What?  You ask??
What in the world is a Mulligan Stew???
As everyone knows who comes to my house...
I stress any time we have company over...
It is just not my THING!!
But I have figured out something in the last year or so...
Making soup is rather easy!
You can't go wrong with a big pot, some water and an assortment of ingredients.
And if you have more people show up.... just throw in a few extra chunks of meat and veggies and some water and you can feed everyone!
The poor and needy figured this out back during the Depression.
A big pot can feed a lot of needy people.
There are a ton of needy orphans and families.
And the Lord has made it clear in Scripture that we are called to look after the Least of These.
We plan on inviting quite a number of them to our table this year.
I'm going to share over the coming days WHO will be sitting at our table.
Each one has a story.  Each one is precious and worthy.  Each one matters very much to the Creator of the Universe.
In the meantime - see if you have anything you want to throw into our pot.
Big items are welcome.  Small items are welcome.
Join in the fun.  Watch the Lord multiply!
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P.S. - Aaron is doing a little better today.  We still haven't seen his dimples since before the surgery, but we are getting more response from him.  He's still very tired and worn out although he doesn't think he needs to take a nap... AARON DOESN'T TAKE NAPS.  So yesterday we struck a deal... He would rest for 20 MINUTES on the couch.  Since he didn't have a clock, his Mama PROMISED him that she would let him know when those 20 minutes were up.... Deal!!   A minute later the little warrior was fast asleep....
20 minutes later... absolutely out for the count!!
What would you do??
This Mama doesn't believe in waking a sleeping babe whose body is desperate for rest......
He slept for two wonderful hours and woke up to find his teacher at the door.
I didn't get in trouble.
He is counting down the days until he gets the casts off (23 more days). 
It is a long long time in his economy. 
Mine too.

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