Saturday, May 11, 2013

How in the World??

Confession time...
I often write posts I never post.
In fact my draft box has a whole bunch of half-written posts.
Sometimes I don't post because I can't get the words right no matter how hard I try. 
Sometimes I don't post because the timing is not right.
And sometimes I don't post because I am a noodle-brain and completely forget to post!
How in the world I missed posting these pictures from back in October is beyond me??

They are way too cute to pass over...

So even though they are a bit late...


I just couldn't pass on sharing them!!

Trying to catch a chicken at Jamestown!!


One less post sitting in my draft box.
I'm not such a noodle-brain after all!!!
I hope you enjoyed!!!!


  1. I did enjoy them! These photos are great!!

  2. How in the world do you convince your big boys to smile? Mine see my camera and act like they've never smiled in their lives :). I love the one of the three of them on the bench. So glad you remembered to post!

    1. I bribe!! Okay - I give them the evil eye... Okay.. I tell them they can't get up until they give me a good picture!!! Okay - honestly.... They both are pretty easy about getting their pictures taken although I usually have to take 25 to get a few good ones because they monkey around so much!! Aaron is a total ham and will cheese at the camera just about every time! It's ROB who is the worst about getting his picture taken!! He has an aversion to looking into a camera's lens.

  3. those were great!!!!!!!!!! esp you and hubs :) love kel

  4. What great pictures!! So glad you rescued them from your draft folder!!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! What handsome lads you have!

  6. LOVE the pics. Your boys are all so handsome! Love the one of you and Rob too!

  7. Have you seen the new photo of Porter? Oh my heart just breaks for this little boy left behind, he needs a family!!!!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!