Friday, June 14, 2013

Classical and Christian!

Sorry for the silence this week.
Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and sit by the pool and drink lemonade.
Unless you have just bought your own business...
Then it is a time to get up early and work all day and go to bed at night and collapse and feel guilty for not getting enough done!!
We are in the busy insane part of the year.... actually we are not quite at that part but it sure feels like it.  IT IS A GREAT PROBLEM.. Somehow a whole lot of people are finding out about our little known HISTORY CURRICULUM and are downloading our free samples on the BIBLIOPLAN website and I am getting a thousand calls a day... okay... it just FEELS like a thousand calls a day.
As I said... it is a good GREAT problem to have but it leaves little time to do stuff like BLOGGING. 
Next week I will be flying to Georgia for a Classical Christian School Convention and I sure would appreciate some prayers for that convention because I had never ever heard of the group organizing this convention (Association of Classical Christian Schools) until April.  I contacted them thinking that I would have to wait a year to get into the convention but they took one look at my website and EXTENDED AN INVITATION for us to come display our books.  Seriously... we are CLASSICAL and CHRISTIAN and follow a four year history/literature plan which makes us a PERFECT fit for Classical Christian schools.  Since I signed up so late I get to have the WORST booth.  That's why I'm begging for prayers because we really want to be seen by these schools.  We are not finished writing all four years but what we do have should cause a lot of the schools to consider using us!!
Even though I haven't been blogging... these babes are STILL on my heart.
These are the Mulligan Stew Babes who STILL don't have families!!
Jason (1)
 Porter 2013
Please keep praying and advocating for them. 
The next three weeks are crazy. 
Elijah's Eagle Scout Project.  Conventions.  Reunions.  Shriners trips.  July 4th.  Yard Sale.  Ben's trip which I am going to share about soon.....
Fun times.  Hard trips.  Steps of faith.
Stay tuned....
I plan on blogging if the phone would ever stop ringing!


  1. Blessings on your trip! I have several friends who have attended classical christian academies as well homeschool curriculum with their kids and everyone says it's the way to go! God's just called us to something different for our kids. Praying God gives you divine appointments! Not quantity but quality! You only need one right person to connect you to everyone! :)

  2. Where in Georgia is the convention? Even though I'm a "retired" homeschooling Mom (my youngest is 25), if it's not too far from where I live, I'd love to come down and meet you!


    1. It is at the Marriot Waverly in the heart of Atlanta

  3. Good luck on your convention! I'm in Georgia and I go to most of our conventions but I've never attended this one. My understanding is that it is very well-run but has quite expensive admission and is aimed mostly toward private Christian schools. It sounds like it could be a great opportunity for you to get your product into wide circulation!


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