Friday, July 5, 2013

Glimmer of Hope for 300

We thought he was in the car.  We thought he was in the backseat quietly playing with his DS.  We pulled out of the church parking lot believing that we had all of our family inside.  We were oblivious.  We were carefree.  We didn't realize we had left eight year old Elijah behind.
It wasn't until we opened the doors at the store that we realized our mistake.
At the same time our cell phone rang.  Where are you?
I will never forget the shock and shame and terror I felt at the reality that I had left my son behind.
He was only 5 miles away.  He was safe with members of the church.  He was not hurt.  I knew exactly where he was.  Yet I was devastated.  I left my child behind.  He has never let me forget it.  I will never forget it.
They crossed the ocean.
They met their children.  They came home without them because that's how adoption worked in R. 
You meet your child.  You spend a week playing with them.  You spend a week breaking through to their hearts.  You spend a week giving them their first taste of what love feels like.  You spend a week teaching them what kisses and hugs feel like.  You spend a week whispering promises in their ear.  You spend a week holding and kissing them until that the very last second when you have to drag yourself away.  Many of them screaming and crying and reaching out.  Begging you not to leave. 
Evie is one of the 300 children stuck in the ban
You leave them with promises that you will be back.  You will be back.  They watch you leave with those whispered promises.  You will be back.
300 have been left behind.
The promises whispered lay unfulfilled at their feet.
They do not understand.
Where did Love Go?  When is it coming back??
Trust me my friends....
Their Mamas and Papas have NOT given up.
They left their babes behind.
They will never give up.
The families of those 300 are still praying and crying and doing everything in their power to bring their babes home!
Their glimmer of hope is HERE.
I wish I had time to explain everything but time is short and the need is great. 
There is a film that has been made that has the potential to be a POWERFUL VOICE for these families.  The film is finished but marketing it to those who desperately need to see it is costly.  As of right now - the families have less than 5 hours to cover what is needed to keep this project going. 
They are NOT taking money right now.  They are only asking for pledges from people.
Five hours are left for pledging.  A considerable amount of pledging.
Please CLICK HERE for more information and please CLICK HERE to make a pledge.  No amount is too small!! 
They left behind their babes. 
This is their glimmer of hope.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

  2. Julia, thank you so much for blogging for us. We know it was such sort notice and are so grateful that a miracle was provided and the goal was met. These babies will not be forgotten and we still pray they get to come home one day.

  3. As one parent who left my child and a big piece of my heart in Russia, the words "thank you" are inadequate to express the depth of my love and to all who gave to and shared this campaign! Since I have no bigger words, though, THANK YOU!!!! This day will never be forgotten, and hopefully it's the start of many miracles to come!!!
    -Whitney Stephens

  4. Thank you for blogging this! My heart continues to break for all of the families and children involved!!

  5. Thank you SO much for bringing attention to the cherubs left behind in Russia- it means so much to us who left a part of us there, even if we were lucky enough to get our babies home before the ban. Our hearts still break for the ones stuck, and I keep praying that God will pave their way home. Blessings to you!!


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