Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fatherless Saturday

I missed Fatherless Friday.
See here's the thing.
I'm going on a trip and I am beyond excited about it and am frantically trying to get my ducks in a row..
Including getting my passport renewed.  Yes I'm the bumble brain who has been talking about going overseas for months but never stopped to consider whether my passport had expired or not.
It had.
So I'm busy here and busy there and thinking and thinking and at the very front of my thoughts is Ruslan....
I'm his Angel Tree Warrior and I committed to raising $1,000.00 in his Angel Tree account and getting him SEEN and I am failing!
Usually I am screaming like a maniac for my Angel Tree babes!
Ruslan is eleven years old and has been listed on Reece's Rainbow since we were in process to adopt Aaron.
That is crazy long.
His picture is outdated and I don't even know if anyone has seen him since it was taken years ago.
He is in a mental institute and is going to stay there for the rest of his life.
If we don't yell for him no one will.
Please SEE him.
Please someone see him.

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