Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Secret Is Out

He would sit in the shed, take a stick, hold it between his toes and draw pictures in the dirt.
They had no paper or markers or coloring books for him to use.  He had nothing to draw on and no books to look at while he drew.  Yet he spent hours making designs in the dirt with his stick.
One of the caretakers told us.

She wanted us to know that this child we were adopting could draw with his feet.
It was important to her that we knew this about him.
We barely spoke her language and she knew nothing of ours.
But she wanted us to know.  It was one of the few times that we directly communicated with one of them without a translator there.

He drew in the dirt.

With a stick.

With his feet.

Because that is all he had.


He doesn't draw with sticks anymore.

And he rarely draws with his feet.

We have plenty of markers and paper and pens.

And a whole assortment of books filled with pictures he can see and copy.

And he still loves to draw.

And he is good.

His drawings are good.


Even with limited arm motion and fingers that can't bend.
 They are so good that one of his drawings was selected by Paper Clouds Apparel to be featured for the next two weeks on their shirts, totes and hats.

That's right.


On hats, shirts and totes.


His picture was one of many submitted. 

The people at Paper Clouds chose their favorites. They didn't know Aaron and no one shared with them his story.

His picture was one of three selected by impartial judges who just plain liked it.

Happily 50% of the proceeds are going to Reece's Rainbow.

That seems very fitting since we found him on Reece's Rainbow

Without them he would still be drawing with a stick.

 In the dirt.

With his feet.

Because back then he didn't have paper and pencils and markers.

And he couldn't see past the walls that surrounded the institute...

To even know what a tanker truck looked like.

Actually, he didn't even know what a tanker truck was.




  1. Fantastic drawing Aaron! Congratulations!

  2. Love changes everything...this is such a beautiful story...and quite an amazing truck!

  3. Amazing! I know Aaron will glorify God with this talent! So happy for his success!!!!! Kelly

  4. It's amazing the way he changed and it's amazing what love can happy for this talented little boy

  5. So exciting! My heart just swells with joy for all of you! And I love his drawing!

  6. Love the drawing & the story behind it is even better! Congrats! Way to go Aaron!

  7. What a wonderful secret! Congratulations, Aaron!

  8. Well, I know what I'm getting the 3 year old boy I nanny for for Christmas.

  9. This is awesome! My 12 year old is reading this with me and said, "Man, we would have so much in common!" About him and Aaron lol. As a child who has issues with his hands and struggles to draw/write, he was very impressed with what Aaron has been able to accomplish.

  10. Congratulations, Aaron! I hope they ship to Brazil ;)

  11. So proud of your boy! Love his story!!

  12. Oh this was SO worth waiting for! YAY Aaron! So awesome how God continues to use and bless him.

  13. So wonderful! What a great drawing, great story, great kid.

  14. That's a better truck that I can draw with two functional hands!

    Congrats Aaron!!!!

  15. JULIA !!!! THIS IS AMAZING !!!

  16. Congratulations Aaron! You are a very talented boy, and I love your picture of the truck.

  17. I saw this sneak peek on facebook from Reeces rainbow earlier and knew that I would be buying the tanker truck shirt and hat for my boys. I didn't realize it was Aarons drawing, now I'm super excited to be purchasing this because I know the story behind it!! Thank you for sharing. I LOVE his drawing!!

  18. Why do I get the feeling that this is only the start for Aaron's artistic career? Congrats!

  19. You’re such an amazing young man, Aaron. I’m looking forward to getting one of these shirts. I know life isn’t always easy for you, but truly believe God has great things in store for you. Keep that wonderful smile of yours. Love and prayers for you and your special family!

  20. Simply amazing. What a sweet boy!!

  21. I saw the truck on the RR "sneak peek" and knew I had to get it for our oldest son, an amazing former micropreemie who turns 10 in two weeks. He has a life long love for trucks! Coming across your blogpost just after reading the "sneak peek," now I'm 10 times happier to know of the artist! Congratulations Aaron!!!!

  22. I have read your blog and think you have a wonderful charity. This is one of the positive things about the internet, and how it can reach out and extend awareness and promote quality of life.

  23. Amazing! This is such a touching story. Thank you for sharing. His artwork is beautiful!


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