Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Boy A Balloon Uh Oh!

It has been a BLAST holed up with three munchkins for the last four days.

Oh Yes.
Watching Yana throw fits is a riot!!
She is happy as long as she is attached to her Mama's hip.  Trust me.  She may be tiny but she has an ear-splitting scream that causes the paint to chip off the walls. 

Watching the birds and machinas is a definite favorite activity.

Ipads.  Vika is in heaven.
THAT is the all time favorite part of their day!!
Despite the utter bliss of being in an apartment with these treasures.... we decided to brave the ice and snow and rioting protestors and have lunch at TGI Fridays.
We met two other Reece's Rainbow families and had great food and wonderful fellowship.

Vika made a friend with another precious Reece's Rainbow treasure.  Shanti.

The only pitfall to our time out is that someone forgot to call ahead and tell them to get rid of the balloons!

Leo and Yaa went nuts.
Vika.... Not so much.
(Hiding from the balloon)
Getting home was quite the trip.
This little boy was in HEAVEN with his balloon.
His big sister... not so much.
The taxi ride back to the apartment had one child crying FOR his balloon because it was hiding in the front seat... one child crying ABOUT the balloon because it was IN the front seat ... and one child just crying.  WEEEEEE!!!!
Vika was in heaven when that balloon finally popped!
Leo... sorrow!!
Hurrah!!  Their passports are on their way here from region so tomorrow we have the final embassy appointment and on Friday... we are flying home.
I'm going to be flying to Chicago with Carla and the kids and then will fly home from there.
We would most definitely appreciate prayers as we work through these last few days!!


  1. So glad you were able to meet the other families. ♥ the Tams! Praying protection and safe travels for all of you.

  2. WHY are they so afraid of the balloons? Katya is still totally in TERROR after over 2 years home?! She is fine with Mylar, but even the sight of a latex balloon sends her shrieking and hiding . . .


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