Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Empty Boxes

I hit the ground running last Sunday.  My plane touched down on Sunday afternoon and a few hours later I was wrapping empty boxes with wrapping paper. 
I didn't speak the language of most of the people in the room but I could wrap and tape without words. 

We listened to Christian worship music and wrapped boxes and my heart was content. 

Empty boxes for orphans. 

Empty boxes placed under an Angel Tree at the nearby mall. 

Empty boxes to give people here the privilege - the opportunity - to give.  Take a box.  Fill it up.  Bless an orphan.

It was a new thing.
Would anyone take a box?  Fill it?
They wrapped 60 boxes. 
For 60 orphans.
In ONE orphanage.
They planned on standing at the tree each night.
Hoping and praying that the 60 boxes would be filled.
Maybe if they stood night after night until Christmas.
Maybe they could get 60 filled.
It was such a big number.
The people here so poor. 
60 boxes.
All the boxes were taken in the first few days.
Every single one FILLED.
Shock and awe.

They added another orphanage.
Wrapped more boxes.
They were filled too.
Another orphanage.
More boxes.
250 filled by the time I got there on that Sunday night.
We were wrapping more.

Empty boxes for hundreds and hundreds of orphans.
Each empty box wrapped with love.  Care. 
 Each box representing a child in need.
Jet lag.
Who cared.
Wrapping boxes on my first night here was the sweetest way to begin this journey.


  1. What an amazing idea! Wow.
    I can only imagine the moment when the boxes will be opened! :)

  2. wow. that made me cry. people do care! thank you, Jesus. our wonderful folks at co-op poured out $120 for Ruslan's adoption fund!!! people do care! xo Kelly

  3. Wonderful, amazing. Given a chance, people do want to help. Bless you and all the others who wrapped empty boxes to give others the opportunity to show love to an orphan this Christmas.

  4. Just amazing! Thank you for sharing this positive spirit of giving - how awesome even there to see that all people know what it means to help, give and be a part of something good!

  5. Wonderful news, not only for the children who will receive these boxes, but for encouraging those who so generously donated and for helping raise awareness of the thousands of orphaned children in Ukraine. Involving other Ukrainians in caring for these children is just what is needed.

    Thank you so much for your creativity in making this possible, and thanks to those good, generous Ukrainian donors. I hope they'll continue to involve themselves in caring for orphans in whatever ways they can throughout the upcoming year.

    Merry Christmas
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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