Friday, January 10, 2014

Fatherless Friday

It's Family Time
Time to spotlight some families who are working so hard and who are seriously in need of prayer covering, support, encouragement and donations!!
These are just a FEW of the MANY!!
Meet the Wertherington Family...
I stole their picture off their blog - hope they don't mind!!
See the two sweet little ones in this picture???  That's Max and Ryder.... They just came home last fall!!
Yep.  Jason and Stephanie just finished an adoption and are heading right back out again.
They are working to bring home these two sweet babes and trust me....
Elliette (1) 
They can use ALL the help they can get!! Back to Back adoptions are ridiculously hard.  They still need to raise around $25,000.00. 
Every donation in their bucket and an encouraging word or two.... that would MAKE THEIR DAY!!  PLUS... Donating to their adoption gets you entered to win some really cool prizes....including in ipad and a Disney vacation!!
Meet the Settles..
Yes. That is fudge.
It is for sale.
So that the Settles can bring this little guy home!!
Hudson 2
Daniell is willing to make fudge morning, noon and night to get Hudson home!!  She has all kinds and I know she would be BLESSED to get some orders....
This is a MILITARY FAMILY who has served our country well.  They KNOW what it is to fight for something and right now they are fighting hard to go get their boy.  Please support them!  In any way that you can!!  They were one of the hundreds of families in process to adopt from Rus*ia.  They were one of the hundreds who had their hearts broken when the doors closed.  They didn't throw in the towel though.  Please let's rally around them!!!!
They are adopting these FOUR BABES..
maggiejune2012-2 30419222151 30419122745 30417114557 Carter
Many of you will remember that they already adopted these four sweet babes..
The last few months have been HARD for them.  Sweet Moxie (polka dot dress) has fractured her leg.  She just came through some tough surgery so this is a major setback for her.  The family is focused right now on getting her better and fundraising is on the back burner.  So they could really use some help.  They are traveling in February!!!
They are adopting this sweet little girl!!
This family has been AMAZING at supporting adoptions.  Trust me.  They have given and given and given again and have asked for little in return.  Every single time I have presented a need they have quietly and lovingly been there.  I want to bless them back.  Thank them for being so generous!!  If you have ever benefitted from anything on this blog... then trust me... you were blessed by this family!!! 
She's racing against the clock to get this sweet girl out before she ages out!!  Sweet Jada!!!
Jada 2008
This will be her second adoption... Max came home in 2011!!
Max 2014
I KNOW Tina could use some help!  Encouragement.  Support.  So go!! Go!!  I can't wait to see both these cuties this next summer at the reunion!! 
Meet the Jenks Family
See the two little wee ones in the picture.... They just came home last summer and yes... they are going back for two more babes!!
As I said above... back to back adoptions are hard!! Draining.  Overwhelming.  Every drop in their bucket would be a HUGE help!!
Meet the Wojcik Family
Look at the sweet babes they are adopting!!  Two precious little ones!!! 
I got to meet their sweet RR babe they adopted a few years ago at the reunion last summer.... She is CUTE!! And has some SERIOUS Attitude!!
I can't wait until this next year's reunion when I get to see Milana AGAIN and hold her sweet brother and sister!!!  Please go bless this family!!  They are leaving soon and could definitely use some support!!!
Meet the Kirk Family....
They are adopting this sweet boy!! Ian.  He has the sweetest eyes!
This family is another one of those who is ALWAYS GIVING.  Always!! Every single time I ask they are at the front of the line.  Now it's their turn.  Help them.  They are a Virginia family and yet we have never met!  Something I hope to change in the future. Please.  Give them the support they have poured out on other people!
THERE ARE SO MANY MORE.... I wish I could spotlight all of them.... faithful families working hard to bring their treasures home....
Support these families and then CLICK HERE to support even more....
Pray for them.  Encourage them.  PLEASE encourage.  Adoption is hard.  And sometimes lonely.  And sometimes discouraging.  And often overwhelming.  And too often family and friends leave the family in the dust. And churches fear to support because they don't want to start a 'trend'!!!  And things in the house break and cars rattle and disasters happen because they are adopting.  And through it all the family trudges forward. And every single time someone comes along with a kind word or a drop in their bucket ... they are overcome with gratefulness.  I KNOW this to be true.  It was for us.
So take a few minutes on this Friday and be an encourager. 
Pick a family.  Or two. Or all of them.
Be the hands and feet of Christ today!


  1. oh, this afternoon I fellt about asking you if you could help this family...

    Then I thought it would not be approriate to do it...
    Now I see you are putting forward all these families...
    Perhaps some other time you could do it for these people ?
    I feel these people would really need help to bring back 5 children...
    As I said on their blog, I travelled once a long distance flight with 5 under 7 years old and it was exhausting ! (my own kids) very very hard !
    I am praying that someone might step in and help one way or (and) the other... :)

  2. In fact Renee and Allan will be in the same position... worst if these childern don't walk !


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