Saturday, February 8, 2014

Freed. Not Freed.

Out of the pit. 
Just this week beaten up.  Again. 
But no longer.
Daughter.  Granddaughter.  Sister.  Cousin. 

Her Papa came bearing roses. 
How many of you gave? Sacrificially.  Without restraint.  Gave your hard earned money to help redeem a child from the pit.  And she was truly in a pit.  How many of you prayed?  Countless prayers on her behalf.  You are the unsung, quiet heroes in her story.  She can't see you but you are there.  Fighting for the orphan.  Praying for them.  Crying out on their behalf.
Don't stop.
This one is still there.
In that pit.
Where kids freely beat up other kids.  Just because.
He's watched three children adopted.  Three friends. 
Three families have now met him.  All three have grieved over this boy.  He's quiet and sweet.  And his eyes.  His eyes spoke volumes to each family .... TAKE ME.. TAKE ME TOO.... GET ME OUT OF HERE!!  PLEASE!!
Don't stop advocating.  Giving.  Screaming.
Get him out of there!
  He has too many strikes against him.
1.  He has a special need that sets him apart.  Makes him 'unclean'.
2.  He is Roma.  I heard all about Roma on my trip in December.  The children who are Roma have 'bad blood.'  That is what I was told.  They are 2nd class citizens.  Suspect.  Set apart by their skin color.
3. He is small.  Small for his age.  Easy prey for the bigger and stronger.
4.  He is sweet.  Gentle. 
He's stuck in a cruel, unforgiving world.
Not Freed.
Not Yet.
Pray.  Advocate.  ADOPT!
Please don't stop.


  1. Can you share region, and is he available to adopt? We just returned from adopting in Kirovograd and We know several in-process and I know of one who is wanting to adopt an Older boy. You can contact me at

  2. I would like to hear more about this sweet boy--such as region, age, sibling information, anything! :) My email is Thanks!

  3. praying for this dear boy. God bless his forever family to find him and bring him home.

  4. My heart breaks hearing what it's like for Anthony. I love & have prayed for this boy a long time. He reminds me so much of my own son. It never occured to me that he is Roma--I know they are treated differently. Somebody please go get him & love him like he deserves. I don't understand why he is still waiting.

  5. This is so worthwhile. I try to share these things but it doesnt go except to my timeline I dont know why. but I wish everyone could see it.

  6. I was hoping you would give a little shoutout to the stuck Russian orphans especially during the Olympics. A lot of things have been brought up with the media but not the orphans. I made a photogram for people to share and would love to see it all over the place so others will be made aware of what is going on in the Russian orphans lives. Please share for me.


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