Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Just Get This Straight

"You know I don't have a miracle up my sleeve. You know I can only share and pray. That's it. You know this is totally a God thing.... Let's just get this straight. I will share but it is up to God to move in hearts.  It is impossible, Janice."
Those were my words on Thursday night.
Written to Janice Rowe as we worked through what she needed to raise in order to go back in a week to get Emmett.
"It is impossible."
$11,000 in a week.
Knowing that I had already begged for this same family many times before.
Yesterday I watched the impossible.
Not because of my words.
Let's just get this straight.
I don't have miracles up my sleeve.  It isn't my writing that moved in hearts.  In fact last night I reread the post from yesterday and found two mistakes. I didn't fix them.  They were reminders to me that it was NOT about me. 
God and God alone.
He moved in hearts and over $8,000.00 came in for the Rowes between their You Caring page on their blog and their grant account on Reece's Rainbow.
They went from needing $11,000 yesterday morning to needing $2,765.00 this morning.
Like I said.
God and God alone.
Last night the Rowes touched down on American soil.
These two boys fatherless no more!

That alone makes me want to cry. 
Okay.  I am crying.
Crying at the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living!
Crying as I think of how many of you were stirred in your hearts yesterday.  You gave so freely.  So generously.  So one more boy can find his way home.
The Rowes still need $2,765.00.

They leave next Saturday to bring their last son home.
If you missed out on giving... if you want to join in on a total God-thing....
CLICK HERE for their Reece's Rainbow Grant Account
CLICK HERE for the non-tax deductible You Caring Account
Thank you for Giving.  Praying.  Caring.  Advocating.
Thank you for hearing the whispers of the Holy Spirit and obeying.


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