Saturday, July 12, 2014

Almost. Almost.

We are almost almost done with an 850 page beast.
I have no words.
We are so tired we don't even feel like celebrating.  We are not completely done.  Each of the years of our four year program comes with 14 products.  Today we finish the HARDEST one.  THE BOOK.  The 850 page book filled from front to back with American History.  World History.  Church History. Missionary History.  Presidents.  States.  Oh My!  All within the time period of 1600-1850. 
We still have to finish some of the other 14 products.  The question pages. The discussion guide.  The craft/activity book.  The Teacher's Guide for co-ops and schools.  We have only a few weeks left to get them done before the school years starts.  Some are close to being finished.  Some are not started yet. 
But the writing of the BIG BOOK is done as of tonight. 
Tonight I pack for Kentucky and Tennessee. 
I'm leaving for a week and have packed NOTHING.  I'm going camping and have packed NOTHING. I have a convention next weekend and have packed NOTHING. 
I have spent every minute for the last month writing and writing and writing.
I am so not ready.  I still have writing to finish!
Tomorrow morning Aaron and I get up early early early in the morning to drive 9 hours to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky where we get to spend 5 days hanging out with a whole bunch of babes who share similar stories with him. 

I fear I will get there and just completely collapse in exhaustion.
On Thursday, Aaron and I will drive 3+ hours to Chattanooga, TN to attend a Homeschool Conference where BiblioPlan will have a booth.  Aaron gets to sit in my booth for two days playing games on the ipad.  Oh well.  He will consider that the icing on the cake!!
On Saturday night we will drive home.
A crazy trip and I can't wait.
I just need to finish my part of this book.
And maybe throw some clothes and whatnots for us in a bag.
And carefully pack all the books for the convention....
That's it....
Ben made it across the ocean! 
Praise God!! Praise God!
I was a bit of a wreck yesterday waiting for news that he had made it.
I cannot wait to see the pictures from the camp this next week.  MY BOY IS GOING TO BE IN SOME OF THEM!! WOO HOO!!
Enough chatting... now back to work.  I have a book to finish!


  1. Oh, dear, you sound weary! But the prize is in sight, so hang in there. You can get some camping supplies in Cave City (closest town to Mammoth Cave, and right across the Interstate from Camp Jellystone) - food for the week, etc. Do toss in a couple of blankets - rain is forecast for Monday, then temps will take a dive but it will be clear and pleasant for the rest of the week.

    If you can, work in a trip to the aquarium when you're in Chattanooga - fantastic, and very accessible. Aaron would love it!

    Sleep well tonight, and have a safe trip. See you some day next week!

    Susan, thankful to be in Kentucky already!

  2. You are amazing!!!!!!! Congrats and thanks be to God! Have a wonderful reunion. Praying for you and Ben/camp,


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