Friday, July 11, 2014

Good, Wholesome, Godly Food!

My sweet boy is on his way.
Yes I might have shed some tears when I hugged him goodbye. 
He's taking my heart with him.
Carrying marshmallows and balloons in his bags.  A football.  Some glow in the dark bracelets.  8 lbs of Twizzlers.  His Bible.
Ministering to children who have so little. 
Children who are going because you gave.  You gave.
These are the boys who are there now. 
They have enjoyed a week to just be boys.  To leave for a few hours the life of an orphan.  To get dirty.  Run. Play. Eat. Eat some more. Build forts. Learn about Jesus.  Hear about His love.
Thank you for helping to make it happen for them.

Thank you.
Pray for them.
Each boy.

Though you don't know their names - whisper prayers for them.  They have hard roads to travel. The life of an orphan is a dreary one.  Lonely.  Pray for them.  Pray that the relationships forged this week will continue. Pray that the lessons learned and the love offered will not be forgotten. 
Please pray too for the camps. 
There are four more.
Next week the 13-18 year olds will come.
Pray for Ben as he works among them. 
Pray that God will do a mighty work in the hearts of each of the children who come!!
600 orphans are going to camp this summer because of so many of you.
600 orphans are being fed good wholesome, Godly food!
600 orphans.
Are you in awe??
Me too.
Remember Barton?
He aged out and lost all hope for a family.
But God intervened!
Sweet sweet boy has a family who loves him enough to have crossed the ocean twice now to bring him home.  His Papa crossed once to adopt Barton and three others.  He successfully passed court for the other boys and they are safely on U.S. soil learning what it means to be in a family.  Praise God. Praise God.

But Barton's in a different place where adoptions are hard and his judge must be related to Aaron's.  They couldn't get a court date while they were there so they had to leave him behind. Then.... in another horrific twist, instead of passing court on Wednesday this week the judge is requiring Barton's Papa to come back in two weeks.  Oh I know the agony of those words.  We had the same nightmare happen to us. So he has to come home.  Again. Wait.  Go back.  Then he will have to come home again to work during the 10 day waiting period (he has run out of leave) and then go back and bring Barton home.  It is a nightmare they didn't anticipate.  They are in desperate need.  They are at least 3,000 short of what they need. Please - on this Fatherless Friday - help get Barton home!!  Please!  We prayed for a family.  We begged God.  We rejoiced when they stepped forward.  Now let's help them bring Barton home!


  1. Just put Barton over the edge for the $500 matching grant - hope that helps a bit. What was that judge thinking??!

    So glad to read about the camp-across-The-Pond. RR will be equally fun, I expect!

    Weather will be cool in KY next week, so pack accordingly!

    See you soon, I hope-

    Susan in KY
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  2. Crossing my fingers for Barton!!
    Helped a little bit. How much does it have to read to get to the amount they need?


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