Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our God is So Big!

I've got a story to tell.
One that reminds us that stepping out in faith sometimes puts us on paths that twist and turn. 
It's about a family.
A big family.
The youngest 19 years old.
It's about a Mama and Papa who love the Lord with all their hearts, souls and minds and who have raised Godly, mission-minded children. A few years ago they looked around at their emptying house and felt the Lord tap on their hearts.  You have room for more.  A precious babe in Rus*ia. 

They raised funds.  They did the paperwork.  They traveled to meet her.  Spent thousands and thousands of dollars. They held her in their arms and claimed her as their daughter.
But Rus*ia closed and their sweet Adalyn became lost to them. Unreachable. An iron gate erected in their path.
Oh how their hearts grieved.  They cried and prayed and advocated, but the door stayed shut.
Then last December they saw a picture of two little ones.
A brother and a sister.
When I was across the ocean last year, I had the amazing privilege of seeing the little boy.  He was in the same groupa as one of Carla's babes.  I wrote about him here.
The Boyers saw Charlie. They saw Lola.
And the Lord whispered GO in their ears.
So they began again.
Trusting.  Believing. 
A walk of faith.
This walk seemed easy.  They were in a wonderful baby house and the process was streamlined and fairly easy. 
What could go wrong?
War in the very region where their babes were located.
War that closed off that region from adoption.
War that has put all the children behind the same iron gate that contained their first babe.
How could this happen two times??
Two times?
Affecting three children.

Lost again. 
But God.
By miracles only He could perform... Charlie and Lola were removed from the war zone to a safe place.
But removal didn't mean that adoption was still possible.  Their paperwork was still in a war zone and over there... that is NOT a small problem.
But God is making a way.  They have been invited by the country to come.  On Saturday.  HOW SHOCKING AND AMAZING IS THAT? The door has been opened. ONLY GOD! 
It's not going to be easy. Their faith is going to continue to be stretched and challenged. But the door has opened and Cindy is boarding a plane on Saturday.

They are still about $5,500 short of being fully funded and would be forever grateful for donations but most importantly - a covering of prayer.

Please please pray for the Boyers.  Pray for Charlie and Lola. Pray for the facilitators.  Pray these babes home.  If the Boyers can get these two babes out.. then the doors might open for others to follow.  There are so many babes right now caught in limbo. 

Please please pray!!

Pray because Our God is So Big!

And HE is making a way.



  1. Oh yes! Will pray!! I know our God can make a way for His precious children.


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