Friday, December 19, 2014

Fatherless Friday

It's Fatherless Friday and I'm crying out for two fatherless little boys.  Do you see them?  Can you see the utter need?  Both these boys have been neglected beyond belief. One of them was literally locked away behind doors.  Hidden. 
Pic 2 Nov 2013 (2) Dang Sheng Long
If you want to read that story go HERE.
Thankfully, they have a family coming.  A really cool, fun, crazy family.
I met them this last summer.
I was standing at the pool when they came walking in... 
This is what they looked like when I met them...
 Goodness me they were a mess!!
Meet the Chocolate Maas Family

The two youngest Maas babes are little RR babes!
They live on the wild side!!

Do me a favor..
Scroll back up and look at those two tiny, emaciated boys ...
 Now imagine those two precious little boys surrounded by this crazy bunch!!

How utterly different their lives are going to be in just a few short weeks.
Yes.  I said weeks.
You see those two little boys are in such desperate shape, their process has been speeded up and put on the fast train.
The Maas family started the process in September and are traveling to get the boys in January.
5 months.
It's a rescue mission.
A rescue mission that is going to cost $45,000.00.
They could buy a new van with that.  A vacation in the Bahamas.  A pool. 
 Or they could invest into two precious little boys.
Pic 2 Nov 2013 (2) Dang Sheng Long
They choose the boys!
They have raised $15,000.00.
They need $30,000.00 more.
Won't you help?
Every tiny little bit helps!

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  1. :) I do hope this family took a shower before jumping in the swimming pool !

    Yor thermometer is climbing climbing !!!!! Awsome!


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