Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Orphans Don't Have Treasures

Orphans don't have treasures.
They just don't.
Aaron came to us with nothing.  Nothing.  We provided everything for him right down to his socks and underwear.
I did barter for a hat to take home with us. I traded an extra hat we brought for it.  I really wanted the 101 Dalmatian hat he wore the day we met him.  But I didn't know how to ask for it.

Instead they gave me the too small frayed hat that he wore only once or twice. 

It wasn't truly his hat.  They had piles of those hats. All the boys wore them.  It wasn't truly his. The one they gave us didn't fit and he refused to wear it. Ever.  

They thought I was nuts that I wanted to trade for one.  They didn't understand our desire to have something.. anything... for a keepsake. Even a keepsake that wasn't truly his in the first place. Even a keepsake that didn't fit and that he wouldn't wear.
Orphans don't have treasures.
They come with nothing.
It's why every picture or scrap of anything we can get our hands on becomes precious treasures we never give away.  Precious.  Because they become the only tangible way to show/prove their past.
A frayed hat.  A few pictures.  A pile of souvenirs from the vendor on the street. 
A Star of Hope.
A Star of Hope from a mental institute in a currently closed country.
A Star of Hope that is Precious Precious to a family because it is that scrap of memory their son can have forever of the place he left.
Yet they have donated it to us.
They donated it to our Orphans Treasures Auction.
Orphans don't have treasures.
I cried when they shared the story behind the star.
I could not believe they were giving it up.  For our girl.  For the boys. 
They are giving up a precious treasure so we can bring our treasures home.
Right now it doesn't have any bid!! Please someone bid on it.  Please a bunch of you bid on this most precious of gifts.  You can CLICK HERE to read the story and bid. 
Get your Kleenex.
It's a treasure of a story.
Orphans don't have treasures.
They don't need treasures.
Just families.


  1. I checked to see if there was any bid yet and when I saw Sue's bid I cried happy tears. So glad such a treasure is being honored! :)

  2. and what about Jayne's bid ! waouh !

  3. Oh I LOVE this! Thank You so much for sharing! (((HUGS)))

  4. What a generous gift, what a beautiful story - and look at that smile on their precious son, thriving! Oh my heart.


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