Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Little Girl's Room

It's a little girl's room.
Those sweet little chairs on the dresser?  They were in the FREE box at our co-op this past week.  They have BUTTERFLIES on them! I felt like I had won the lottery!!

Those Dolls are from my childhood.  The boys never appreciated them very much.

See the Raggedy Ann and Andy wall plaques? Boy am I glad they didn't sell in the auction!!  It didn't dawn on me until after the auction had begun that I could use them in Harper's room.  They were the one item I cheered over when they didn't get any bids!
Don't look too closely at that little shelf... Yeah. Maybe Harper will like baseball???
It's been an all boy house for a very long time!
And of course her room would NOT be complete without some friends from the Hundred Acre Woods.
Pooh and Piglet waiting patiently for a little girl to come and love all their stuffing out!
Pooh Bear can't wait to cross the ocean with us... He's so so excited!  He will be waiting for her in the car on the day we walk her out of the orphanage.
We even have a few clothes for her.

Aren't they sweet?
All of them picked out so lovingly by a sweet friend!

Apart from these clothes, Harper's dresser drawers are bare. 
I have been waiting.  Waiting with held breath.  Both of us have.  I've avoided the little girl sections in the stores and haven't been able to look at things like curtains or bedspreads.  I need to SEE my little girl.  Right now that is all that matters to me.  I need to see her and hold her and whisper love in her ears.  Then I can consider the future.  The girl stuff.  What she needs.
It's hard to breathe.
We received a referral date and had to turn it down.  It was a good decision and a right decision but this last week has been hard. Emotionally hard.  I've tried to think about everything that needs to be done for family, business and travel so that I won't have to think about the fact that we delayed meeting our little one.  It's only a week delay. Maybe two. But right now that seems like forever.
God is good.  He is providing on so many levels.  We look at how much has been donated to us and we are blown away.  People have been so kind.  God has been so so good.
I cling to that. His goodness.  His provision. 
I cling and work hard at breathing.  Only a few more weeks.  Just a few more weeks. 
"Cast your bread upon the waters,
 for you will find it after many days."


  1. It's so cute! Waiting, just waiting...

  2. I appreciate Mama's dolls. My saying when I was very little was "Boys are nothin' but trouble." No one knows where I got that from, but boys that DO NOT appreciate their Mama's dolls at all, especially the ones from her very own childhood, are certainly one hundred percent "nothin' but trouble"!! Butterflies ARE NOT my taste of "Pooh Bear's hunny", dragonflies ARE-and the color of Harper's new green bedroom (get it? The taste of Pooh Bear's hunny and Pooh was mentioned about going to Ukraine)!!

  3. What a beautiful room!! She will be so delighted and know she is so loved. :)
    You are so ready, it will all be best in God's timing. Praying... Breathe. God Has This!

  4. a double bed... would you be planning for a second girl ? ;) ;)
    gorgeous bedroom !

  5. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful room! So much love in every detail.

  7. You are going to be an amazing girl mama. I love her room! Remember, I'm buying her her first smocked dress... just let me know her size as soon as you know it!

  8. I am SO EXCITED for you!!!!! Wooo-Hoo!! (((((((BIG HUGS))))))))

  9. I LOVE the shelf on the top of her walls!!


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