Friday, March 6, 2015

A Warm House and Slippers On My Feet

We were supposed to be traveling to Shriner's today so we could pick up Aaron's new braces.
The ice on the roads this morning meant we have a free day at home.  Aaron's braces will have to wait until May.  Rob just left to bring Ben home for Spring Break.  His ride fell through because of the snow. I'm working on my speech for next week's convention.

A fire in the fireplace.  A warm house and slippers on my feet. Waiting for my firstborn and longing for a little one across the ocean.
And all the while, praying for my dear cancer-fighting, not-gonna-quit, orphan-advocating, sock-sewing, Jesus-loving friend Elizabeth Dehority.
Please pray with me.
She really needs our prayers right now.


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