Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday's Mothers

It's Monday.
It's Labor Day.
It's supposed to be a holiday but both Rob and I are working while our little boys play happily around us.
We don't have the luxury with our work deadlines to take the whole day off, but I want to take a bit of time to share about three Moms who are LABORING in love for their kids across the ocean.
These moms are special to me because I KNOW THEIR CHILDREN.  I've met them.  I've cried over them.  I've prayed over them.  Two of them are my son's best friends.  He grew up with them.  He has a lifetime of memories packed inside his head that include those two friends of his.
It is a rare opportunity to be yelling beside THREE moms who are adopting THREE precious babes whom I have personally met.  The joy I feel for these children knowing that soon they will be free from the walls that contain them is beyond words. 
One mom, Emily, has already crossed the ocean and has met her sweet girl, Reilly. We cheered and clapped when Reilly said yes to adoption. We LOVE her.  We just plain love her. 
Emily is home right now waiting to head back over for court.  They are doing everything they can to raise the final $5,000 they need.  They have been offered a $1,000 matching grant that would ease a lot of the load once it is matched.  Oh Please Please Please help them match that grant!! 
And after you click that link above and donate whatever you can to the Knights... do yourself a favor and click the link for their blog because the story of how Reilly said yes is precious!! 
While in country, Emily was able to get pictures of the two other babes who have moms coming!!
I know their Mamas were going nuts to see their boys looking so happy and so full of life!
Just like Emily, Toby's mom and Wetherby's mom are doing everything in their power to raise the ransom for their babes.  I know this for a fact because I see them almost every day on Facebook selling stuff and making stuff and selling more stuff to raise that ransom.
It's hard work.  Don't we know it!! I know they would be blessed beyond words for some help too!! Every single solitary donation helps.  These boys are so worth it!
Toby is going to explode with joy the day his mama walks through the door and calls him by name.  He has waited so very long for that moment.  I can imagine that Wetherby will be beaming with pleasure when his mama kisses his sweet little cheeks.
Three children.  Three Mamas.
They are well worth sharing about on this Labor Day!


  1. Thank you, Julia. Thank you so much!

  2. For some reason I don't see a donate button for Wetherby's page. The donate button there looks like it is for the overall site, not this specific child. Just want his family to have heads up, because some people like me might have wanted to help support them but did not see how.

  3. Lovely....I wish I'd win a lottery and I swear, all I'd do with it is fund adoptions!


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