Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Sounds

Home.  Comfy beds.  Favorite foods.  Happy sounds.  Little boys making messes all over the floors.
God is good.
John has been completely pain-free since being home. They warned us that he might have severe back spasms in the coming days but so far he has had zero pain.
A pain-free John is a hard to contain John.  He is supposed to use a walker to walk and isn't allowed to bend, lift, twist, turn etc etc.  Yeah right! He's supposed to stay at home for the next two weeks.  Oh My!!

He's quite proud of his scar and wants to show everyone!

Silly boy!
Our boxes of love still need some attention.
Do you have $10.00?? 
We still need 156 more people willing to give $10.00 to remove a box of love.  
I really really really want to show you the pictures underneath those boxes!!!
 BEN - 1,000.00 matching grant.  Grant account needs to read 4,363.36 - Still needs 410.50
ISAIAHU - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1018.00 - Still needs 574.50
 AARON - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1045.00 - Still needs 572.50
When we have revealed all four pictures, I am going to give away four professionally done prints from four of the portraits.  Winners will get to choose which portrait they want printed. 
I just need 156 people willing to donate $10.00 to remove a box of love.
I am more than willing to take people willing to donate MORE than $10.00 to remove even more boxes. 
I'm not picky.
We have $1,557.50 left to raise.
Please give whatever you can and leave me a comment or send me an e-mail ( to let me know you gave.  Those who have given already are already in the drawing for the prints.
STEPHAN - HE NEEDS A FAMILY! - He met his match!
MICAH - AGING OUT IN NOVEMBER - He met his match!
 ALEX - AGING OUT IN DECEMBER  - He met his match! 



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  1. I'm so thankful everything's going so well for John! Pace yourself, Julia!!! :) kel


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