Thursday, December 10, 2015

Invalid Homes

I'm still grieving their transfer.

I'm still grieving because I found out more news that just makes my stomach sick.

After I posted on Tuesday that Rebecca and Charlie had been transferred, I found out they were not sent to the same place.
They were separated and each sent to two different remote villages. 
Rebecca was sent to an "invalid home for girls."

Charlie was sent to an "invalid home for boys."

I know all about these invalid homes.
I know all about them.
They are a far cry from the orphanage where Rebecca and Charlie spent their last 5 years.

Charlie and Rebecca have traded an orphanage with swing sets and therapy pools and music rooms and teachers and desks for barren buildings, cattle yards and sheds.

Those remote 'homes' out in the middle of nowhere are very often underfunded warehouses where children are basically kept until they die or until they are moved again to nursing homes.
I can't imagine how frightened and alone those two sweet babes are right now. 

Charlie is in the orange shirt and the little boy holding the steering wheel is Chester - Newly listed on RR
They are not just children in a picture to me. They are little ones we met and hugged and enjoyed for a few brief days last May. 

Rebecca is in the light blue shirt

They were part of John's world.  He has memories and stories about them.  Charlie slept in the same room as John. They ate together, played together and fought together.

They are now alone in worlds that are confusing and strange.
They need fields sold for them on their behalf.

They need Mamas and Papas willing to step into the unknown, because no one has ever been adopted out of either of those institutes.
They need sacrifice. 
They need our prayers.

They need us not to turn away because they just stepped into the hardest part of their story.
Charlie and Rebecca.

They don't belong in invalid homes.

They belong in a family.




  1. How very sad. Makes me want to cry. Also, makes me wish I could adopt the little girl, but we are just finishing our adoption for two girls and haven't even picked them up yet. I pray someone will see them and know that one or both of them belongs in their family. These two just break my heart. I will be praying for a family to find them soon -- hopefully to take both of them together.

  2. Both are on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree, and both have large grants to help offset adoption expenses. The brief video on RR shows her as an imaginative, gentle, loving,very agile and well-coordinated little girl.

    Charlie sounds like the ideal child! He gets along well with others, enjoys coloring and school classes, talks and is physically capable.

    I would LOVE to see Rebecca and Charlie adopted together...meanwhile, I hope those who have not yet donated to the Angel Tree on Reece's Rainbow will consider donating to Rebecca and Charlie. The higher the grant, the more families will be financially able to consider adopting these children.

    They, and the rest of the RR children and all the other children living in orphanages and institutions around the world, remain in my prayers.

    Thank you for letting us know this news, disconcerting though it is...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  3. Their story breaks my heart. I just can't imagine what they must be feeling right now. Poor babies.

  4. This..this post along with the other posts of these sweet two lovey children break my heart. Thought and prayed for them as I laid in bed. Thinking of them alone in their new awful place just hurt so much.

  5. Hoping someone is seriously pursuing them! I made an appeal to my husband last night along with another RR child and he gave the thumbs down. I am appealing again this week. It's a long shot but I feel I need to try to put my heart at ease.

    A friend

  6. Julia, Rebecca has a family! Very good news.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!