Friday, December 4, 2015

Two Boys, Two Pairs of Socks and Two Elizabeths

Two boys. 
This morning... the boy on the left stood before a judge and said YES to a family. He waited 10 years.  Meet Tobias Sergei Meyer. His family is over the moon in love with him.  They cannot believe that he waited so long for a family. What a treasure! What a wonderful treasure they found in their field.
The boy on the right. That's Marv. He's waited 14 years for a family. He is still waiting.

Another lost treasure in a field!  Who will sell it all for him?  Who will take the risk to give him hope and family?
Two boys.  Their stories similar until this morning. One found. One still waiting.
A little over two years ago I received an e-mail from a lady who had always quietly supported my comings and goings on this blog but who had never introduced herself until then.  She had just found out that the cancer she had battled a few years before had come back with a vengeance.  Her name was Elizabeth Dehority and I was honored to call her my friend.  Each time her cancer slammed her, she would take money out of her bank account and give it to a worthy cause. She called it the Dehority Distraction. For a year and a half I was blessed to take part in several of her distractions.  Along with her love of giving, Elizabeth was a knitter of socks.  As I write this I am wearing one of those pairs she knitted. As she knitted, she prayed. And prayed. The socks I am wearing represent thousands of prayers from a woman who dedicated her life to being Christ in the flesh.
Elizabeth Dehority died in April. I miss her.  Terribly. 
She has a namesake on Reece's Rainbow.
A beautiful little girl named Elizabeth.
Another lonely little girl who has waited and waited for oh, so long for a family. The reality for little Elizabeth is that without medical care she will die.  Her orphanage is BEGGING for a family for her.
Here's the deal. 
I have a friend name Lu who just happens to have a pair of socks that Elizabeth started but never finished.  So Elizabeth's mom lovingly put the last touches on those socks and they are now beautiful and complete.
She is GIVING AWAY that pair of socks PLUS another pair of socks that she herself knit as a labor of love to Elizabeth and all that she meant to so many people.
Two pairs of Socks
All you have to do is donate any amount to Elizabeth on Reece's Rainbow and then forward your receipt to
I donated. I own one pair of Elizabeth's socks, but I would love to own another. Socks that are jammed packed with prayers are priceless.  Especially when they were knit by someone who loved so deeply the things that matter the most in this world.
Won't you please give to little Elizabeth's account? You know you want to own that pair of Elizabeth socks!!! 
You can read more about the socks on Lucille's blog HERE.
You can donate to Elizabeth HERE.

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  1. I donated to sweet Elizabeth today! But I don't want a pair of socks. I already have my treasured own pair. Someone else should have a chance to win them :).


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