Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cool History Cool Dudes

They were the cool dudes at the Great Homeschool Convention in South Carolina this past weekend.

The best dimpled salesmen we had in our booth!!
Seriously? Who wouldn't want to buy from them??
They LOVE going to conventions!

They LOVE helping us set up the booth. 
They had a BLAST doing the children's program.  They think hotel living is living the high life!
I love having them with me. It makes going away so much sweeter when I'm not leaving my entire family at home.

Though it was a long drive down to South Carolina and back, doing it with Rob and the boys was a nice way to start the year.  I don't get that pleasure often enough this year so I don't take it for granted.

I'm heading to Tennessee to the Teach Them Diligently Convention this next weekend but sadly won't get to take these silly boys or Rob with me.
Happily, Ben will be working by my side, so I get another weekend soaking up time with family!
We recently received a letter from someone who uses BiblioPlan AND who has adopted a bunch of treasures and I just wanted to share parts of that letter here.
Just had to share with you how wonderfully BiblioPlan is working for our family.  We finished up our first round of history this past fall, did a short unit on our state history, and then started on Ancients about 8 weeks ago.  We are loving it!   We love the Companion, the associated Bible readings, and the Victor Journey Through the Bible along with the living book suggestions.  The maps are so much easier to use because you have the instructions printed right on the map.  With five kids doing maps, this has been a huge help since each child has their own set of instructions and they don't need to refer to the teacher's book.  They are able to do the maps on their own once I briefly explain them as a group. 
The Cool History questions are great for review and your timeline images are very nicely done.  All of my kids have special needs which include ADHD, intellectual disabilities, CP, and dyslexia and BiblioPlan works for all of them. 
 Now that I have five children, I no longer have tons of time to plan out my own history curriculum but that is no problem since BiblioPlan requires so little planning.  For the first time ever, I think I can stay on schedule and we are all enjoying the program.  Thank  you for you, your husband, and your sons' hard work on all of the parts of this wonderful program.  You have done a fabulous job and I finally have the history curriculum I have always wanted.
If you homeschool and are looking for a history and/or literature curriculum, please check us out! Especially check out our newest book!! Anyone who is doing Classical Conversations this fall definitely needs to look at this book!!!!

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  1. My kids are loving the Medieval Days! They can't get enough! I wasn't planning on starting it until the Fall, but we are 2 chapters in after buying it on Friday. We reviewed Julius Caesar tonight in preparation for the Ides of March tomorrow! Loving Biblioplan! It was also great to talk to you and see the boys in person! Keep us and our adoption journey in your prayers!
    Kristie Du Sablon


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