Monday, March 7, 2016

The Faceless Ones

They are the ones we don't see.  The black silhouettes that we quickly scan through.
They are unseen and the least likely to be picked.
The faceless ones.
March is the 21 Days of Hope for Reece's Rainbow
An opportunity to raise funds for the operating costs of their ministry.  Their Voice of Hope fund.  21,000 in 21 days. 
But of course Reece's Rainbow is all about getting the children seen so it's 21 days of Hope for 21 children in the midst of raising funds for the operative costs.
For every 1,000 raised in the Voice of Hope account, a selected child will receive 1,000 in their grant account.  21 children have been selected.
This year they picked the faceless ones.  The ones we tend to pass right over.  The ones that no one ever really sees.
Usually during Voice of Hope it's been pretty easy for people to jump on board and raise the money each day for the selected children.  Their little faces beaming out at you make it hard to turn away.
This year has been slow.  Very very slow. 
Vinn, Denise, Laina, Keira, Angelica, Mia, Jasper, Kael, Prince, Shelley, Cara and Danton.
12 children who are listed on Reece's Rainbow but because of country rules are faceless. 

It's hard to get excited about a silhouette.
It's hard to rally when 12 of the 21 children are just names. 
But behind those black and white pictures are little boys and little girls who need  families just as much as the rest of them.
Please SEE these faceless babes.
Please see the other 9 children who also have a chance to have their grant accounts increased!
Please CLICK HERE and make a donation to keep Reece's Rainbow running so that these children have a voice.
It's 21 days of hope.
For every 1,000 raised in the Voice of Hope... 1,000 will go into a waiting child's account.
Will you give some hope to the Faceless Ones this March???

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