Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just Two Little Rascals and Me

Tomorrow these two little rascals are getting up early with me and hitting the road. 
They can't wait.  We are going to Atlanta for three days. While I work at the Association of Classical Christian Schools convention they get to bum around the city, hang out in the pool, watch all the TV our little house in the cable-less woods doesn't have and play way more hours of electronics in a day than Mama allows in a week.

Then on Saturday we are driving to Kentucky where they will get to spend 5 delightful days hanging out with a ton of Reece's Rainbow families at the Yogi Bear Campgrounds.

Staying in our cabin will be one of John's best friends from the orphanage... Annie. 
How's that for laugh out loud fun???
Just two little rascals and me.
Oh what fun!

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  1. Happy travels! Hope to see you all on Monday...I had such a good time at the RR reunion two years ago that I'm planning on returning for a day!

    Susan (already) in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.


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