Sunday, July 31, 2016

Watch Me, Mama!

We live in a pool-less country so unless we go to a nearby gated community to swim at their pool or lake or go down to the river, we are left to our own devices on hot summer days.  A recent trip to Sam's Club with two little boys in tow found them drooling over a cheap pool.  They begged. Please, Mama.  Please! 

They were pleading so hard people in the store were watching me to see what I was going to do.
I caved.

I bought them a cheap, vacuum-needed blow-up pool.

They were overjoyed.

We set it up next under my office window so I could easily work and watch them at play.

It's cheap.  It has three sections and after the first day the first section refuses to retain air for more than an hour or so.

They don't care.

It's a pool. It's fun.

And did I say it was right under my office window?

Right under my window so that every few minutes they are yelling for me to look.  Mama!!  Mom!  MOM!!! Open the window, Mama! See what we can do!!

Every few minutes I get the inconvenience privilege of stopping my work to watch two very silly boys show me their antics.

Mama!! Watch Me!!

Watch me!!

I watch. I laugh. I close the window. I try to get some work done until they call again. And again.  And again. Open the window. Watch me, Mama. Watch me.

Watch me! Notice me.

Nothing they show me isn't something I haven't already seen a thousand times before but it doesn't matter.  It really doesn't matter. They want to be seen and I cannot ignore their pleas.

It's a universal cry. Children from the beginning of time have been begging their parents to watch them.

Watch me!

See me!

Take pleasure in what I do. 

There are five Shadow Children in this Giveaway who are wasting away in institutes across the ocean with the cry of their heart unmet.  They have been overlooked for so long. They have no one to watch them and take delight in their silly antics.

Thankfully, for four of these children, those cries will be heard soon.  Amos. Daisy. Lee. Violet.

Soon they will be showing off to two people who will never tire of watching them do their tricks over and over and over again. It's what you do as parents. It's what they need.

One little boy has yet to find a family who loves him best of all. One little boy is crying in his heart to be noticed.  Watched. Seen.  Right now his cries are falling on deaf ears. 

Does anyone out there SEE Otto??
 We have one day left. 

This Giveaway ends on Monday night.

If you are putting it off until the last minute.... IT'S TIME TO GIVE!!!


Raised so far: $12,266.00

Bloom Family - $8,207.00
They need 15,576.00 more to be fully funded.
Otto - $4,059.00

To see the full giveaway CLICK HERE..


  1. I've been thinking a lot about the word "sacrifice" lately as the concept has been in the news. I donated $20.00 to the Blooms and it feels like such a small sacrifice compared to what the Blooms will sacrifice to ransom these children. Will be praying for their adoption!

  2. Entered just now on the Blooms You Caring site
    25.00. Know first hand the miracle of adoption...we have 2 daughters adopted from China. Homeschooling both of them!!
    Rene' Runner

  3. Donated $50 to the Bloom family. And yes we homeschool.


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