Thursday, July 7, 2016

Which One Would You Leave Behind?

Two little itty bittys from Reece's Rainbow went to be with Jesus in the last few days.
Both of these precious teeny little babes had families who were racing against the clock to go get them.
It breaks my heart.  They had families.  They were loved. They just never knew it.
Two little ittys.  Teeny weeny little babes so very loved from afar.  Now in the loving arms of their Savior. 
I need some Kleenex.
Thank you to each and every one of you who helped the Schultz family meet their 10,000 matching grant. They are now fully funded.  I am so excited for them.  Four babes are soon going to have the joy of being part of a family and you helped make that happen!!
Thank you!
I struggle each time I enter the Reece's Rainbow Facebook room. There are so many families who are working so hard to raise the ransom for their kiddos.  The cost of adoption is high. Most families don't have that kind of money sitting in an account somewhere. 
There are some who would say that they shouldn't commit until the funds are there but I look at the two wee ones up above and know that it isn't realistic or fair to make them wait even a minute longer.  Kids die. Kids age out. Kids rot.  They need out yesterday.  Not in two years. Or five. Or ten. 
Every child is precious and each one is worth fighting for.  Hanging out at the reunion last week and seeing all those precious babes I am even more convinced.
The sassy ones.
The future models of America.
The tender hearts.
The adorable beyond words.
Each one is worth the ransom.
Those who say wait... who would you pick to leave behind while you earn enough to raise the ransom?
The teeny one who spent far too many years in utter neglect in his crib?
The sweet boy who needed medical intervention?
The hurting little girl who wants with all her being to be loved best of all.

The boy hidden behind the locked doors.
Which ones are not worth the ransom??
All of them are worth it.
Every single hungry little soul!

They are worth every single one of our donations.
They are worthy of our prayers.

Precious in His sight.
Each one cost their families thousands and thousands to ransom them.
And I guarantee that every single one of those families would raise it again to bring them home.

They would do it again.

No babe left behind.

Not a single one.
If you are like me and get totally overwhelmed about how to help and who to help I have an easy easy solution.
You can do what I do every month.  You can GO HERE and give to the 5/5/5 families.  Every month 5 families are featured and all the money raised is divided up evenly between those five families.
Why 5/5/5...  because if everyone gave just FIVE dollars for 5 families then on the 5th of the month those five families would be blessed.  Five dollars doesn't seem like much, but if a whole host of people committed to giving 5 a month on a recurring basis then we could make a HUGE difference in the lives of 5 families... then 5 more.. then 5 more... and so on. Every single month.  That's 60 families in a year. 
In the last two years.... 115 families adopting 148 children have been blessed through 5/5/5.  $64,129.00 has been raised. 
Consider how fast that number would rise if every single person reading this blog today went to 5/5/5 and agreed to donate 5.00 a month. Hit the recurring donation button and you won't have to think about it again.
For 5 families.
Every month.
Because every single solitary child is worth the ransom.
And families don't typically have ransom money sitting in their bank accounts.
And Owen.. who is one of the orphans on the 5/5/5 this month ... he doesn't have the luxury of waiting. He urgently needs surgery that cannot be done in his country.
Would you leave him behind?


  1. Thanks Julia! The pictures are so meaningful to me! I signed up for the 5/5/5 awhile ago. I love how the families who benefit are also expected to start being a donor to 5/5/5. It will be great to see this grow into thousands of dollars a month!



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