Monday, December 19, 2016

All But Forgotten

I woke up this morning and thought of him.

Little Boy Lost in a world that has all but forgotten him.

We have all but forgotten him.

He's just one little boy among so many little boys. 

He has no voice to raise on his own behalf. He has no rights. He never will have any rights. He will remain forever locked away.

I woke up this morning and thought of him.  One little Lost Boy among so many.

Little Otto.

I was so hopeful back in the summer.  We raised thousands in his grant account. I was so hopeful that raising money and yelling for him would cause a family to SEE him.

But no one has noticed this little Lost Boy.

No one has inquired. No one has considered.

The little boy who thrived at Camp in 2015 now spends his days surrounded by boys who have nothing to do except bang their heads against the walls that contain them.

Oh Tiny Little Otto.

We are failing you little one.

We are letting you waste away in a world of nothing.

I am sorrowful on this Monday before Christmas.

I am sorrowful for one little Lost Boy who has so few taking up his cause.

Please Mama. Please Papa.

He's waiting.



  1. Praying with you again...what a son he will be!! What a brother he will be!!

  2. Sweet Otto! I will be praying for this beautiful boy, that he will have a wonderful family ask for him soon. All my love. Rebekah

  3. My heart aches right along with you....praying for Otto and a Christmas miracle to happen!


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