Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I Am Not Satisfied

A year ago I was shouting and praying for a couple of sweet babes who both sported an extra chromosome. One was my official Angel Tree babe and the other I 'adopted' as my unofficial Angel Tree babe.

Charlie and Rebecca

Back in the beginning of the summer my unofficial Angel Tree babe - Rebecca - walked out of the orphanage forever.


We had the splendid opportunity of spending a few days with her at the Reece's Rainbow Reunion.

This week... my official Angel Tree babe - Charlie - walked out of the orphanage forever.


In just a few weeks, he's going to be sitting under the tree unwrapping presents.

His Mama shared with me that if I hadn't yelled... they never would have gone.

If I hadn't yelled.

If I hadn't yelled.

Those words humble me.

This year my babe is Ronald.

The goal for the tree each year is to raise 1,000 in their grant account and I did that already.

I've been sick. I've been swamped with work and teaching and drama productions.

We are at the end of finishing our 2nd book in our Remember the Days series.

I reached my goal. 1,000 in his grant account.

I can check that job off my list.


I'm busy. Swamped. Snowed under.  John starts treatments in Philly for his legs which means that we start the  trips back and forth.  I'm taking him up tomorrow for the first round. 

Check. Check. Check.



No goal is fully met until HE HAS A FAMILY.

1,000 in his grant account is not the ultimate goal.

He's a little boy with a laundry list of scary words behind his name which made his Mama and Papa abandon him and is causing others to run away.

I have two 'scary boys' with laundry lists behind them and I have learned that those lists are NOT SCARY.

Yes, they require sacrifice. But scary. No. Arthrogryposis does not scare me. It is just a condition. It does not define my child. 

I have two pictures of Ronald.

That's it.

I can't tell stories or give you eye witness accounts of him.

I don't know of anyone who has seen him.

We didn't have that for Aaron either. Just a couple of pictures and scary words behind his name.

My boys aren't scary.

Once we met them.... looked in their eyes, held them... the words... they lost their terror. 


Someone please see the little boy in this picture.  Look in his eyes. He will be transferred at age five and because of his laundry list of diagnoses, he will most likely end up in a Level 4 mental institute like Aaron.  Locked away.

He's so young.  He has so much potential.  I guarantee the doctors at Shriners would take one look at him and find a hundred ways for him to blossom and shine. He's not a lost cause.  He doesn't have to spend his life wasting away.  There are a multitude of treatment options for him out there. 

I pray for a family who is willing to take a leap of faith for their son.

Wee little Ronald who would like nothing better than to rip some paper off some presents bought just for him.

I am not satisfied that I reached my goal.

My babe doesn't have a family.

The battle is not won.

My wee little Ronald needs a family.

If you want to continue to add to his grant account... please do.  Grants help ease the burden for the families and many many families are unable to commit without them.


  1. Praying for Ronald. Thank you for reminding us that he is still waiting. I hope to meet him one day on this side of the ocean.

  2. I am praying right now that Ronald's family would step out of their comfort zone into the adventure that God has for them as this sweet boy's parents. Thank you for blogging, Julia.


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