Saturday, December 24, 2016

Orphans at Christmas

I am so behind this year!!

Usually I am yelling for you to get your Angel Tree (MACC) dollars long before now.


These are stocking stuffer dollars you can give your kids, your husband, your parents, your friends, your aunts and uncles and everyone else on your list. 


I just  bought mine.


It is our yearly tradition after reading the Christmas story. I stuff the dollars in our stockings so after we empty them we stop and take the time to pick kids on the tree.  I wouldn't skip this tradition for the world.

Little babes across the ocean get our prayers and our love.

Picking is HARD!!  It's AGONIZING!  Each person in the family struggles to pick. 


That is the way it SHOULD be. 

It should not be easy to see a host of orphans on Christmas day.

It should be gut-wrenching hard to realize that there are so many babes LOST and LONELY at Christmas.

Your kids... your husband... your family....

Give them the chance to see some orphans at Christmas!!


Buy some MACC tree dollars!!

Save the # from your e-mail receipt.  Print them out.  Stuff each stocking hanging on your mantel with one.

And take a few minutes tomorrow to SEE some orphans.

Let's turn some frowns into smiles next Christmas~~

Please make sure to redeem those dollars before New Years Eve.... The goal is to get every child OVER the $1,000 wall by the New Year! 

As of today 56 children still need to cross the $1,000 wall. And yes, I am counting those babes at the very top of the tree who have families racing for them!!  I want to see THOSE BABES over that $1,000 wall too this year... Their families would be ever so grateful.

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