Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Not Informative Post

On Surgery day for son #1 you arrive an hour early because you are careful that way.

You bring a bunch of their schoolwork with you in hopes that they will be able to get some of it done before anesthesia and pain create brain cell fallout.

You bring along the resident Math Genius Papa to help with the multitude of math problems they have.

You rush to get it all done - waiting all the while for the phone to ring calling son # 1 down to pre-op.

Your rushing was in vain.

You didn't bring enough homework.

You have one starving son #1 and one very bored son #2.

You watch them bounce off the walls for hours and hours waiting for that elusive call. 

Finally after many hours of waiting... they send for son #1 who promptly bursts into tears and spends the next hour going through pre-op with tears coursing down his face.

You whisper prayers in his ears as they wheel him away crying.

You sit in his hospital room writing this blogpost - waiting  and waiting.

and waiting ...

Hopefully tomorrow this will be the very informative post!


  1. I love watching your boys grow up together. Thanks for keeping us posted. And thanks for being real.

  2. Poor boys! Surgery is hard enough as an adult. Prayers from NC that they will both be at peace and have a positive outcome.

  3. Good luck to both boys! Curious - what's Aaron got around his head in these photos?

  4. Praying that John and Aaron will bounce back quickly from their surgeries, and that their outcomes will surpass expectations. And I hope that the next few days won't be too uncomfortable for them, and that they'll be home soon.

    Hugs for mama and papa and big brothers, too...

    Susan in Ky
    (Lady from the Rr reunion with that big U. flag...)


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