Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sometimes You Just Gotta Brag....

I don't brag on my older boys very much even though they make me so proud so much of the time.

But I just need to stop and brag a bit this morning....

Yesterday Elijah was SUPPOSED to walk the aisle and receive an Associates in Computer Science degree with honors but he was a bit busy following the Yellow Brick Road...

He figured being a scarecrow is definitely much more fun than wearing a robe and listening to a bunch of speeches.

Plus, he gets to stick an oil can in his brother's face which is definitely a highlight for him!!

And for Rob and me... to see BOTH OUR SONS on stage is precious!

They blew me away last night with their talented acting and gorgeous voices!

I am just so very very proud of them....

And we are also really proud of Aaron who was also rocking the stage last night as a monkey!! He was adorable! It is definitely his favorite part ever!! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share of him.  I backstage manage so I am dependent upon everyone else taking pictures of my actors!!

If you are in the area, tickets for the shows can be found HERE


  1. Agreed!! You can tell AAron loves his part, too. Let's not forget to mention the REALLY AWESOME melting witch machine your husband made.

  2. Love the photos. I hope someone gets a few of Aaron for you. I think theater is one of the best places for young people to be. My son's school just did The Little Mermaid and they did an amazing job. Thanks for bragging about your older boys :)


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