Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Build Your Bundle!

Each year I take a moment on this blog to share about the Build Your Bundle Sale.
I do it because we have some of our BiblioPlan products in the sale and it is a great way to get some amazing homeschooling material AND material for the teachers in the classroom at a very low cost.
I can't share what is in the sale but I can tell you that by clicking and looking now you can enter in to win some prizes and can get a coupon code when the sale starts... So read below and go check out the sale!!

We are so excited for the upcoming 5th annual Build Your Bundle Sale that starts next week on 5/7/18. You can save up to 95% on 20 individual bundles for your home and school. Sweeten the deal by signing up for a coupon code that you can use when the sale starts!

When you sign up for the coupon code, you will also get instant access to the FREE Homeschool Portfolio Pack!

The homeschool year is filled with accomplishments and events you and your kids will want to cherish for years to come. Whether you need to meet your state law or you want to keep the precious memories of your child’s homeschool year, a homeschool portfolio will keep it all organized and decluttered.

The Homeschool Portfolio will not only serve as a scrapbook of your child’s year it provides practical sheets and a place to record goals for the next school year.

Pages Include:
  • About Me
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Basic Daily Schedule
  • Extra Curricular Activities Sheet
  • Curriculum and Resources List
  • Book Log
  • Goals
  • Field Trip Log
  • Report Card
  • Subject Evaluation
  • Subject Binder Divider Sheets
Enter to win a HUGE giveaway, grab a FREEBIE & coupon code


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