Saturday, May 5, 2018

Caged Boys. Caged Men.

His Reece's Rainbow name is Jonathan.

I saw him three years ago.  He was standing behind a fence reaching out his hand for me to touch.  Other boys were crowded along the fence reaching for me too.  The yard they were standing in reminded me of a cattle yard.
A cattle yard to contain men and boys. There is an overhang in the back with benches but other than that - nothing. Inside they stand or sit or walk or rock or wander. Penned in behind a fence to keep them contained. Safe. Yet imprisoned. I only saw him for a brief moment. Jonathan.
A beautiful boy with a beautiful smile.
He has a family.
They met him.
They want him.
They traveled a little over two weeks ago to have court. They practiced together the YES they would say to the judge. They were so ready.
The judge was sick.
Court was canceled.
Two more weeks.
They would have to wait two more weeks. Two weeks they couldn't wait out in country because they hadn't planned on two weeks away.
So they flew home. To wait. So they can cross the ocean again to stand and say YES.
They are short funds but not love for a little boy named Jonathan who spends his days pacing around a cattle yard with other boys who also pace the yard.
They are willing to cross the ocean again and again just to bring him home.
They are doing a quilt giveaway. So far only a few people have entered so the odds are HUGE!
It's an Amish quilt - "Picnic Basket" - from Lancaster County, PA
It's 91 in. x 100 in. Spring/Summer colors.
Just $3.00 gets you an entry.
$10.00 gets you 4 entries.
$20.00 - 10 entries.
$30.00 - 15 entries.
$40.00 - 25 entries.
$50.00 - 50 entries.
He's one boy among so many in that place. But he has a gift. He has a chance to come out from behind that fence.
Please, let's help this family. Every little bit helps. $3.00. $50.00. $100.00. Whatever you can give.
I've seen Jonathan's world.

It's sad. It is no place for a child to grow up. Caged boys. Caged men.
Break our hearts, Lord, for the things that break yours!
Donate and then e-mail your receipt to Dana - so you can be entered to win!!
The family needs their FSP to reach $14,168.00 to be fully funded.

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