Sunday, January 30, 2011


Shhhh.... Don't tell the Nannies.....  PLEASE!!

There - All Better....

SSHHH... Don't tell him he is wearing Mama's hat!


  1. LOL!!! Just hope that none of them follow your blog ?! Honestly, even if they are appalled . . . they should be able to see that he's happy and thriving with you . . . which hopefully would set all their fears to rest.

  2. We actually saw a few kids get their heads swatted when they accidentally dropped their hats off--and this was in the 100 degree heat! Oye! However, for sentimental value, I did swap out a hat I brought with the sweet bonnet Nadia 'had' to wear while in the orphanage. I treasure it as the only keepsake she has from her 2 1/2yrs. there even if it represents a strict cultural standard.

    Glad to see Aaron up and about!


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