Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aaron's Thanksgiving

Sometimes we forget that our little guy with the cute dimples and quick smile spent six years in isolation.  Sometimes we forget.

Until we travel in the car for two sleeps to my brother's house for a wonderful family get-together.

THEN we are confronted with Aaron's reality. 

The change.  The noise.  The chaos.  The confusion.

Sometimes we forget because at home he is secure and content.  At home he has routine and sameness that his little mind and body crave. 

But mix him in with a whole host of people, all older, bigger and louder and our little guy with the ready smile and cute dimples doesn't quite know how to handle the situation.

Thus, Thanksgiving was a bit lost on Aaron.  He spent the first 24 hours at my brother's house out of sorts, upset and on edge.  We honestly didn't know what to do.  It has been so long since he has been THAT out of focus that we were a bit blindsided by his frustration.  Right before we sat down for the amazing feast prepared by so many in our family, we had to take Aaron downstairs and just put him in bed.  He was angry, kicking and frustrated.  He NEVER goes to bed in the middle of the day but we were at a loss as to how to deal with him.  We left him down there for about 10 minutes (for Aaron this was a massive amount of alone time) and then I went down.  That was all he needed.  10 minutes to pull himself together.  He came out of bed talking and animated and ready to finish out his time with family with his trademark dimples and smile.

It was a reminder to us that even though our littlest has come very far indeed, much healing of his heart and mind still needs to take place.  He's just a little boy who spent a lot of years struggling to keep his head above the water.

THANKFULLY everyone understood.

No one blinked.  No one was bothered.

Secure in a family. 

 Love so Amazing.  Reflections of our Father's Love.


  1. Oh my heart! Sweet Aaron.


  2. LOVE!!!!!!! So gratefull that your family gets it. ~ Trina Scoda

  3. WOW! Bless his little hart and your big hart!

  4. Our oldest (now 14.5) was adopted as an infant. He spent 4.5 months in an orphanage, lived with my sister for 6 weeks until I got to his country and has been with us since that time. To this day, he STILL has issues with overstimulation - noise and lights and chaos. He spent a year in a middle school and we had to almost urgently move him back to his K-8 school which was way smaller. I don't know if it is just how he was wired or if it was lack of stimuli in those first months or yes, all of the above are the cause. We are careful with our son. I am sympathetic to poor Aaron. Sally Healy

  5. Love is never wasted... this post made me cry bigtime!

  6. He is too sweet for words.... I try to imagine who things like that must be for them <3 I am thankful your family is so understanding!

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  8. Our little guy was in foster care from birth to 4.5 yrs when we got him, two years ago. He is always going to deal with anxiety involved with holidays, birthdays, travel, concerts and anything ultra-stimulating. I am happy you have family that truly understand. We do not have that blessing. My inlaws just don't "get" it and we are forever reminding and educating them. Until they "get" it we keep close to home and we're alright with that! Our sons sanity is worth being homebodies for is a season that won't last forever.


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