Friday, March 5, 2010

Aaron's clock!

Thanks to another family who is adopting a child from the SAME town as Aaron... I now have a clock at the top of my blog to let me know exactly what time it is for Aaron!  It will help me to have a better idea of what he is doing as I go throughout my day!

We are still waiting, waiting and waiting for the fingerprint appointment.  I vascillate between wanting to bang my head against the wall (it hurts when I do this) to wanting to scream in frustration (this upsets my kids) to praying/pleading and praying some more for God to move this mountain.  I've sent several e-mails this week to different addresses to try to contact someone whose office might be holding our files but to no avail.  My brilliant, wise, humble and handsome husband keeps telling me that it will show up eventually but to this Mama who wants to go get to her little guy over there... it isn't happening soon enough, thank you!  So if you are reading this... please pray that the mountain will be moved SOON.  I'm getting a headache!

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