Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebration Dinner

     Since we committed to Aaron we have been cutting back on EVERYTHING... including going out to eat.  We have not eaten out since the beginning of January which is definitely a record for our family.  But this week we had reason to celebrate.  I am almost finished writing the Ancient history curriculum.  I started writing the 34 lessons way back in August and have put in 30+ hours each week on the lessons.  Each lesson is around 12+ pages.  It has worked out to the equivelant of one research paper a week for 34 weeks.  Some weeks took two weeks to do because they were so much more involved.  Rob has been editing right behind me and reached week 29 as of yesterday.  By the end of March we are hoping that it will be on the market.
     In light of the fact that I am on week 34 and have less than a day left to finish the research/writing part of this massive project, my fifteen year old son Ben decided to take us out for a Celebration dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant:  El Vaquero!!  Ben coaches swimming and gets paid for his work.  He rarely spends his money so his desire to part with his hard-earned cash to celebrate was precious to us!  My Dad went along for the ride... (and the food) and ended up picking up the tab before Ben could grab it (much to Ben's delight).  It was a wonderful dinner and I came away blessed. 

     For an added fun family activity we watched FIREPROOF and ate chocolate chip cookies.  If you haven't seen that movie - it is definitely worth watching! 

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