Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I love puzzles!  Whenever I have to list my favorite activities, building puzzles is always on the list.  The only things higher on my list are reading and taking naps!  So this fundraiser that the boys wanted to do - well it was quite appropriate....

Something else I happen to love very much - Hot Air Balloons!  I have never been in one but it has been my dream for years!   When I was in college I decorated our dorm halls with hot air balloon pictures.  I still have those pictures in a file in our attic.  So when I went to look for a puzzle for the boys fundraiser, I was quite delighted to find the perfect puzzle....

This weekend we spent some quality family time and put the puzzle together...


So what do puzzles and hot air balloons have to do with Aaron??  This is a 500 piece puzzle and the boys decided they want to find 500 people to sponsor the 500 pieces on this hot air balloon puzzle. 
All they are asking is for a 5.00 donation.  For each person who donates 5.00 (more is definitely welcome) - their name will be put on this puzzle. 

When the puzzle is filled with names, we are going to frame it.  It will hang in Aaron's room as a testimony to him that 500 people cared enough to LOVE HIM HOME!

So far we have 80 pieces sponsored... For all of you who have donated... find your name below!!

(Click on the picture and it will enlarge and you can see the names clearly)

These are our first donors... they gave their Christmas money to Aaron!!  How cool is that??

The boys only need to find 420 more people to donate 5.00 or more!

Donations can be made by clicking on Aaron's button on the top right of this blog.  If you Paypal please add 5% to the donation as Reeces Rainbow has to cover the fees out of their funds since they give 100% of the donation to Aaron!! 
If you have Facebook or have your own blog - post this!  Our boys need to experience FAITH IN ACTION!!  Help them find 420 more people!!


  1. Okay, I'll sell 2 dish cloths, and have my mom donate though her paypal account!!!!! What a good idea!

  2. I'm on it! Let's show those boys!

  3. Hi Julia and Rob,

    Don, Nancy and the girls are dear friends of mine. I follow Cara's blog and she shared about your adoption of Aaron. This really touched my heart. I have started praying for you and Aaron. I also put up a post and put his button on my blog. I will be chatting with my husband (also named Aaron) about helping in other ways. What a fantastic idea your boys had with the puzzle!

    I am not sure if Rob remembers....but I remember when Don and Nan were closing in their back porch on the Nalle farm, spending much time painting the windows. It was a long time ago!



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