Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yesterday a Reeces Rainbow family met their little girl.  It is their first child and people have asked them why they chose to adopt a Down Syndrome child?  Their story is here!!  Yesterday they got to meet their beautiful little Zoya...
Since I've been following their blog for some time, when the pictures of Zoya came up for the first time, I sat at my computer and wept.  
Another family is adopting a six year old little girl with Arthrogryposis (same condition as Aaron).  She is fortunate to not have been transferred and her orphanage is a good one.  But that little girl has been longing for a Mommy for six years.  Each family who walked into the orphanage to adopt was asked by little Svetlana whether they were HER family.  The cries of the heart.  Will you be my Mommy?  Will you love me? 
Last week Svetlana was lying in her crib, alone, when some people walked in the room.  She looked up to see who it was.

She was told it was her very own Mommy.  This was her reaction:

That look is beyond priceless!  You can follow their story here.

Two little girls.  Two lives changed forever.  Thank you Jesus.

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  1. I loved seeing BOTH those girls meet their new families. Can you imagine how hard I will cry when I see photos of YOU and AARON! Waterworks.


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