Sunday, August 15, 2010


It surrounds Aaron's institute. 

Made of concrete. 


Two gates lead inside.

The pretty one is deceiving.  

Its designs face to the road, unseen by the boys inside. 

It is a secondary gate and rarely used.

This is the main gate.

At night and on weekends.... chained shut.

A side door allows us entrance to see Aaron.

The boys inside never go outside that wall.  

They are hidden.
The "Lost Boys"

They can hear the world going by but cannot see it. 

The cars, trucks, motorcyles and buses that drive past the wall hour by hour are only "Machinas" to the boys, recognized only by the sounds they make. 

Oh, the longing to see what is outside.  It burns in their hearts.


With a Mama and Papa and a brother,
a Lost Boy can walk up to the forbidding gate. 

He can tentatively lean out to peek at the crane working on the house across the street.  

What joy!  What wonder!  
The world outside the gate. 

And even... if but for a moment... to step a happy toe onto the concrete beyond the wall.

In only a few short weeks,
by the grace of God,
we will walk that little lost boy out of that gate,
an orphan no longer, to see the world beyond. 

Wonder of wonders! 

I cannot wait for that day!


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I had to have my husband come see this blog post. It truly breaks my heart for all the boys and orphans in the world. I am so glad Aaron got to peek beyond the gate if only for a moment and soon he will be introduced to a whole new world!!

  2. Oh, I wish I could be there to watch the joy in that moment. If only you could bottle that could sell it for a pretty penny to bring great pleasure to people.

  3. I know how you feel-- John and the girls get our little ones out of their gate tomorrow evening! Their world will open up so much! We are happy that you are getting ready to head back to adopt Aaron! I can also relate to needing to focus on the other kids-- thanks for reminding me as it has been quite a different summer, or year actually! and we're moving when they get home (to VA...did we tell you that?) so I think I need to make sure I do some relationship building fun activities with these precious ones while I wait for them to get home :)

  4. Note to self: Do not read your blog prior to grabbing tissues to wipe river flowing from eyes...every single time. You guys just make me cry!! It's a love thing for sure, but oh how I wish it was today! I know that this is all in God's time for you and for Aaron and I am so, so hopeful that your spirit and determination will open those gates for more hidden treasures like Aaron to step from behind. Godspeed and we can't wait to follow this last trip!

  5. To see him peeking around the gate... amazing. So amazing. Can't wait until he gets out of there for good!

  6. Your posts are so inspiring! I am so glad you are going to get him soon. We want to adopt little "Johnny" (he has Aperts) from Reecesrainbow. I don't know how we are going to do it, but I am determined to do it!

    God bless you! As soon as my husband has his payday, I will be donating to help you!


  7. That is the wall that separates him from his new life, from the outside world. And soon your going back to knock down those walls for him. You're going to bring him out of his life of certian doom, and bring him into a loving and caring family where he can blossom his heart out and be a blessing to those around him - a chance he never would have gotton in the institution. If he only knew what was to come... his life will be changed forever.


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