Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taking Inventory...

     Aaron has no idea what God is doing in his life.  He sits, across the globe in an institute, focusing on surviving each day in a survival of the fittest world.  He has no clue how God has moved and worked in hundreds of hearts to help bring him home.

     We sat down this past week and took inventory of all the people who have given to our adoption.  It stuns us.  8 months ago, when we looked at the 'price tag' for ransoming one little boy from an institute so far away we had sticker shock.  At that point we were looking at 24,000.00 dollars.  When we talked to our kids about the possibility of adopting Aaron, Ben asked why we didn't work on raising the money first, then commit to adopt.  Our response forged for us our focus through this entire process.  Waiting to get the money wasn't faith.  Faith jumps first, trusting that since God laid this child on our hearts, then He would provide the means to bring him home. But Rob and I weren't without a plan.  Being the 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' kind of people, we decided that we would basically sell everything we had to bring Aaron home.  We meant it. 

     We haven't had to. 

     We did do our share - we sold stuff on e-bay, we cleaned out our savings account and piggy banks, we had yard sales and put out donation buckets and made craft books and buckets to sell. We have worked hard to raise what we could but while we have been working hard, the Holy Spirit has been quietly working right alongside us, advocating in hearts for Aaron. 

    And the money has been pouring in.  From across the globe, hundreds and hundreds of people have stepped up to love one little disabled boy home.  So many who gave 5.00 or 10.00 apologized for giving 'so little.'  Dear friends - it adds up.  Each 5.00 has been an unbelievable blessing and testimony to us of the power and working of the Holy Spirit in this adoption.  When the price went up, so did the donations.  When the price went up again, to an unbelievable 29,000.00 for one child, again hearts were touched.  God has provided. 

     I want to take inventory - I want to pay tribute to all of you who have given to Aaron... I can't name you on this blog as it would be too long - your names will be forever on Aaron's puzzle - but I want to give honor where honor is due...These are the people who came alongside us to love Aaron home...


  • Rob's parents, my dad, every single one of our brothers and sisters and their spouses, our nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles and great-uncles and aunts

  • Friends here in Fluvanna county

  • Friends from Pennsylvania (where we lived for a number of years)

  • neighbors

  • Families from the FAST swim team

  • Families from the Black Box Players

  • Families from Elijah's Boy Scout troop
  • One of the Fluvanna Girl Scout Troops

  • Families from the ACTS homeschool Co-op

  • Families from our church - Cunningham Methodist Church

  • Families from past sports teams and groups that the boys have participated in over the years

  • Families from past churches we have attended over the years - Bethel OPC, Faith Chapel, Belmont Baptist, Charlottesville Mennonite, Bart

  • Rob's best man at our wedding AND HIS ENTIRE CHURCH

  • Friends from college

  • Friends from high school

  • Friends from childhood

  • Rob's subcontractors

  • Former students of Julia's and their families

  • Past teachers

STRANGERS... (No more)

  • Molly - who advocated for Aaron before we knew him

  • Molly's circle of friends and her wonderful family

  • The wonderful families from REECE'S RAINBOW!!  Many of these families are themselves adopting yet in their own need - they still gave to Aaron!

  • Individuals who have Arthrogryposis (like Aaron) and parents of children who have Arthrogryposis. (The outpouring of support and love from this group of people has blown us over)

  • Missionaries

  • Families who have adopted

  • Families who want to adopt

  • The vast assortment of people who have linked to our blog from other blogs or heard about Aaron through friends or family members

  • The anonymous strangers who gave but didn't want us to know their names
     Aaron doesn't know.  It will be a long time before he understands what has happened.  He is just a little disabled boy, seemingly forgotten in a very big world.  Yet God saw fit to move in so many hearts to help bring him into a family.  He hasn't been forgotten.  His story is one that illustrates in the deepest of ways what God did for us through Christ.  Ransom, redemption.  A disabled child, a sinful world, of little value yet of great worth to the Creator of the Universe.   To God we give ALL the glory!


  1. Nicely done! Praise God Aaron's life will change forever!!

  2. You have an amazing testimony about how He has provided for this adoption. So glad you shared it. We do also x4 and never want to hide our stories. Not everyone shares how the funds come; but it kind of feels like we are hiding His miracles under a bush when we don't share all the work He is doing to bring home our children. Saying a prayer today asking that He stays close to your sweet boy while he waits to come home. Blessings, Jennifer

  3. Thanks for sharing your story and Aaron's.....ultimately God's story for His glory. I have been so blessed to follow your family as you truly care for orphans. I know that this has changed my own heart in so many ways and so as you feel your on the recieving end please know you are giving as well.

    Still praying.

  4. Honey, I'd go to the ends of the earth to get that boy home. I love you guys. I can't wait until work starts and I get PAID so I can donate again.

  5. Hello, I am new to your blog. I saw that you just joined mine. We adopted 3 special needs babies from the Ukraine in jan. I am so happy to see that you are adopting this sweet little boy. I have been watching him for awhile now and hoping he would find a home. We will pray for you guys as you bring him home. Beasleys

  6. Praying that you will have favor with the authorities who have decision-making power over there. I'm reminded of the verse in Proverbs that states that God "turns the heart of the king like rivers of water". May it be so!


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