Friday, October 15, 2010

Lazy brothers...

Yep!  Aaron's brothers have been laying down on the job...

But NEVER FEAR... The newest Nalle LOVES to work! 

He is DEFINITELY a keeper!!!

Yesterday Aaron went with his brothers to the dentist's office.  We had NO IDEA if he would be willing to get up in the chair and get his teeth cleaned.  When we brush his teeth at home he acts like it is pure torture.  The groans and moans and cries of agony that erupt from him are enough to make us think that we are torturing him beyond belief.  (Washing him in the bathtub ellicits the same response)!  So convincing him to let a dentist look in his mouth and getting his teeth cleaned was definitely going to be interesting. 

He watched Elijah get his teeth cleaned.  He watched Ben get his teeth cleaned.  We told him it was his turn.  I fully expected him to run out of the room.  Instead, he let me put him in the chair and he let them do everything they needed to do without so much as a whimper.  No moans.  No groans.  Nothing.  He even smiled once or twice.  He also received a clean bill of health.  He doesn't have any noticeable issues (X-rays were not taken) and everything looked good.  I about fell over.  So last night when he started the moaning and groaning while I was brushing the little stinker's teeth, I was not moved.  Nope.  I brushed those little teeth without stopping.  The drama king has lost his audience. 

Sadly I left the camera at home so I wasn't able to capture the king sitting in the dentist's chair with his sunglasses on and a smile on his face!

I also didn't get pictures of Aaron's first time in a swing and his first time eating a soft beef taco from the Mexican restaurant.  He loved the taco and was terrified on the swing. Go figure!


  1. LOL, that vacuuming picture is great!
    So glad he didn't have cavities!
    We weren't so lucky. ALL THREE GIRLIES had 8 big honkin' cavities.

  2. A boy after my own heart! He loves Mexican food!!! Who would have thought?

    p.s. You can send him to my house anytime to help with housework! You and your husband and older sons can go to the FL beaches, while Aaron stays behind and does some vacuuming. How does that sound? hehe

  3. It is so wonderful to see pics of him home. He looks so happy and like such a wonderful cleaner :)

  4. Oh my goodness, that boy is just soooooo darn adorable! How do you stand it???? Oh, and yes, we have the SAME drama from Hailee with teeth brushing. Sheer torture! How dare we do something as awful to her as brush her teeth????

  5. Isn't it funny the things that they will do and not do, like and not like? I am still amazed at my kids and they are born Americans! I can't wait to get my soon to be little American home and see how he is! :)

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  7. I have been following your blog and praying for your family as you were over there and transitioning home. My heart has been so moved toward adopting and I have had my heart torn over a few children on RR. My husband is not currently on board with me. He does some travelling for work in your area and I went with him yesterday and today to Fishersville and Taunton. I am not quite sure where you guys are but I have to admit I was half looking for you as we drove, so I could yell at my husband to stop so we could meet you! I know tha is kind of wierd but I just want his heart ot change! It is so beautiful where in that area of VA. I just fell in love with the countryside. I am so blessed by reading your blog and so happy for Aaron. I have personlly felt led toward adopting a child with AMS but who knows what the Lord will do. :) Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures! Sandy

  8. We are so happy for you and all the family! Aaron looks sooo happy. God bless you for all you've done for him. Our prayers have been answered once again!
    Barbara (Sher. Presb. Church)


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